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A Bash Script Essay Sample

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A Bash Script Essay Sample

A bash script is a file containing a list of commands to be executed by the bash shell. Bash scripts have many uses that they can be used for. For example, you could write a simple bash script that will change the background color on your screen. Also with bash scripts, you can run them when you want to. They don’t have to be run right away, you have the freedom to do it when you want to.

Bash is a unix based shell created by a programmer named Brian Fox while he worked for the Free Software Foundation. Bash is an acronym for Bourne-again shell. It is a reference to its initial purpose, to serve as a free open-source version of the Bourne Shell. However, bash has grown into its own shell, and is currently the default shell for most linux kernels and mac OS X.

The Bourne shell is the original unix shell, often called a command interpreter, that was developed at AT&T. Named for its developer, Stephen Bourne, the Bourne shell is also known by its program name, sh. The shell prompt (character displayed to indicate readiness for input) used is the $ symbol. The Bourne shell family includes the Bourne, korn shell, bash, and zsh shells.

Bourne Again Shell is the free version of the Bourne shell distributed with Linux systems. Bash is similar to the original, but has added features such as command line editing. It offers functional improvements over historical versions of sh for both interactive and programming use. The name is an acronym for bourne-again shell, a pun combining the name of Stephen Bourne.

There are an abundant comands for the linux operating system. Some of the most basic can be used almost every day. The command cd changes directories. The command mv will move a file or directory into another file or directory. Pwd will show you the whole path of the directory that you are currently.

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