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1. John Nash personality traits
* Blunt
* Rude
* Silent
* Doesn’t show affection
* Award

Social skills
* No “real” friends
* Helpless
* Paranoid
* Agitated
* Refuses sexual pleasure

Physical movements
* Keeps his head down
* Arms closed
* Always touching his forehead

Communication skills
* speaks genital
* mumbles / studders
* speaks in a low tone

Thought processes
* watches the pigeons to define their movements
* classes dull the mind
* Doesn’t believe in luck
* Believes he is a spy for the government
* Tie + oranges

2. Delusions/ hallucinations that Nash was experiencing is one, when he was at the bar also when he was driving (shooting scene). When he was delivering spy mail, argument with poter, seeing roommate in the office, being a spy, seeing a spy cabin in his own backyard, them branding the number in his arm and them changed every day, the roommate and his niece were also delusions. That Nash was experiencing he never knew what was real or fake to him. It was like everything was a big dream.

3. John’s personality/ lifestyle gets in the way of him getting diagnosis early because no one had really noticed anything wrong with john at the graduate school. His lifestyle of him being a spy was getting in the way of him getting diagnosed early.

4. The treatments that John had received from the doctors to stop his hallucinations was electric shock therapy. He was receive this treatment 5times a week for 2weeks.

5. Nash finally conquers his schizophrenic by joining back the graduate school community again. He realizes that his hallucinations aren’t real because the little girl never gets old. He tries to deal with it himself, tries to ignore his hallucinations/ delusions. His wife believes that stress is the trigger to his hallucinations but Nash gets over it and finally says bye to his hallucinations. He ignores him and joins a class and also teacher’s classes at the school. John will accept the fact that he is crazy and his delusions will never go away but he can deal with them now.

6. In the movie “A Beautiful Mind” John Nash is the main character

7. In movie John didn’t get diagnosed till the end of the movie and he was suffering with schizophrenia for awhile. It’s important to get an early diagnose so that he/she doesn’t have episodes or hurts someone over even themselves. People with schizophrenia have a hard time coping with what’s real and what is a hallucination.


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