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Topic: How does A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove illustrate the importance of love and acceptance? Introduction: Title; author; form; background; main contention and explanation of main contention. The novel, A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove authored by James Maloney illustrates an insightful journey into the depths of the themes situated among the protagonist young boy Car Matt and his life of abandonment. This novel Such as Family, Love, Belonging, Body Image and Rites of Passage. fru

novel, A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, depicts the coming-of-age of an ordinary teenage boy named Carl Matt. Through the experiences of the protagonist Carl and other characters, Maloney highlights every human being’s deepest need for love and acceptance and demonstrates the significance of understanding where one belongs. Coming from a broken home, Carl and his brother Harley have never experienced the safety and security of a loving and wholesome family, which damages Carl’s sense of self-worth and causes Harley to become a rebellious delinquent. However, through the unconditional love and tenderness shown by Joy and Skip Duncan and by Justine, Carl and Harley are able to find healing and are finally liberated from the pain, fear, and insecurity caused by their past. Maddy Duncan also learns the importance of accepting true love. Although she is from a stable family, she is deceived by the distorted and selfish ‘love’ of Nathan Trelfo and unbeknownst to her, she becomes a miserable person. It is only when she understands who genuinely loves and cares for her that she finds true happiness.

Paragraph One: T.E.E.L. – Topic sentence; Elaboration; Evidence; Link. Topic Sentence: James Moloney demonstrates the value of being loved through the character of Carl. Elaboration: Explain the fact that he did not receive love from his parents from a young age and how it impacted him. Then discuss how the Duncans and Justine help him to come out of his shell through their affection and care.

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