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Consumers like the fact that their dresses look elegant when they are finished by the existing competitors. But most times they are not delivered on the stipulated time. They usually wait for several more days. Also, some end up doing a style different from what was asked for. Their prices are also quite expensive. This business setup will strive to deliver services before the requested time and if the consumer is not yet satisfied with the style or fitting adjustments will be made without cost. Services will be rendered at a much more affordable rate than the already existing competitors. An estimated number of 9 dresses will be made weekly. 36 dresses monthly, and 432 dresses in a year. Expected consumers include: All females whether single/married working ladies, students and female children. Consumers want a product expertly done and delivered on time and at affordable cost. There are about 500 dressmaking shops within the area. I expect to attract at least 55% of the potential consumers with the remaining 45% left to the existing competitors.

Raw materials that will be made available are enough and they include
Clothing materials – 5 yards for dress samples
Sewing materials – threads, needles, pins, buttons
Advertising materials – fancy nylons with the logo and name of enterprise
The sewing machine will undergo routine maintainance checkup every 6 months.

3 skilled workers will operate the machines if any damage is done. Materials can be gotten from the nearby market which is a walking distance to the area and the machines can be easily repaired. The finished clothes will be put in a fancy nylon containing the logo and name of the enterprise Staffing Levels

The store will be managed by the owner. Samples of fashionable dresses will be put on display to assure customers of good quality services. Each worker will have a record book where they put down rough sketches of the styles to be made along with their measurements. The record will include; the individual’s name, date/time of patronage, date/time expected to collect the finished clothing, mobile number of the individual, and tag number assigned to the individual. Lunch time for all workers:1-2pm daily. working hours: 9am – 1pm . Altogether a total of 7 hours will be achieved from Monday to Friday. All finished clothing will be packaged with the tag number of the individual pasted on them. They will be arranged sequentially accordingly to the date and then time of collection.

Start-up Costs
Sewing machine – 30,000
Furniture – 5000
Dress samples material- 5000
Electric iron – 2000
Advertising – 3500
Sewing tools – 1500
Total – 49,000
Operating Costs (per month)
Rent -3000
Labour – 5000
Transport for workers – 2000
Utility bills – 3000
Packaging- 800
Fuel – 1500
Record books – 450
Maintenance – 500
Interest – 1400
Total – 17,650
Revenue and Profit
TR – P × Q
where TR = Total revenue for the month
P = Price of each dress made
Q = Total quantity of dresses made in a month
P = 1500
Q = 36
Therefore, TR = P × Q
1500 × 36 = 54,000
The total revenue for every month is 54,000
Also, II = TR – TC
54,000 – 17,650
= 36,350
The profit for every month = 36,350
Sources of Funds
A sum of 70,000 from a private individual to start up the business and will be repaid at the end of the first year with a 2% monthly interest.

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