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A Day In the Life Essay Sample

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A Day In the Life Essay Sample

My mornings are very structured and perhaps monotonous. My alarm goes off at 6:00 A. M. but I am usually awake a couple of minutes earlier. My body is weird in that sense because I can get up at whatever time I want if I think about it the night before. I love it because it allows me to do whatever things I want to do till a late hour because I know I will wake up! I do the same things every day in the morning: go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, shower, and dress then have a glass of milk and go off to school. Breakfast is supposed to be good for you but I can’t take it, it makes me sick.

The most difficult part of my morning is waking up my brother! He is the biggest sleepy head I have ever seen, he just doesn’t want to wake up. I am a punctual person and hate to be late for anything, even if it is very small indeed. I get annoyed with my brother because he is lethargic in the morning and can’t be bothered to come to school. Even if you plugged him into the mains he wouldn’t shove! Leaving to go to school I usually get into an argument with either my brother because he is so slow or my mom because I am shouting at my brother!

There is more trouble in the morning because my driver is always late and I get really mad at him because I tell him to come at a certain time everyday and he never makes it. I end up cursing him in my mind because he is the reason I am late for school. Then there is the ride to school. I used to take a school bus which was more interesting than getting driven to school. I can’t do much in the car and listen to some music, I like a bit of hip-hop and rap but mostly I like pop, it’s just easier to understand!

I don’t leave any homework till very late so I can’t even do that in the car! I know this is a small thing but I get annoyed with my friends because they think I am a “nerd” because I finish my homework on time and revise for tests in advance! It seems to be a sin now to want to do well in school; it’s not “cool”! When we enter the school grounds I suddenly get a rush of adrenaline through my body and I get a wave of energy pulsing through me which keeps me going throughout the day. When I sit around with my friends we talk about everything, from football to girls.

It is almost like a meeting because we all huddle in and start talking, we talk about football as if we are all experienced managers and people like Sir Alex Ferguson don’t know what they are doing! Football is practically all we talk about, it is the focal point of most of our conversations, and everybody seems to have an opinion on it. It’s fun because you get a couple of laughs and it puts me into a good mood for the day; however, if the conversations are insulting and I get into a bad mood it sort of sticks to me for the whole day and I can be a very irritable person and snap at very random and minute things.

Lessons go smoothly. I generally concentrate on the work that we are doing and don’t get side tracked often, unless the whole class is discussing something, which happens on countless occasions in English lessons. We start classes doing something and end up discussing homosexuality and how practical a person should be! It usually starts when we read poems and we don’t understand the romantic side of a poem, we end up concluding the poet is homosexual and our teacher starts, “Is there anything wrong with that! ” It is more like a class of how to be a better human!

It is a good thing though, because it is one of the few lessons we can open up and talk about issues, which to me is important. I join in these discussions and voice my opinion but I do get frustrated sometimes because we don’t get work done which leads us in having more homework. Lunch is probably the most interesting time in my whole day because it is the most vibrant. Most people are finally awake by this point and there is some action happening. Lunch usually begins with everyone playing jokes on each other getting everyone into a good mood. The food generally in the canteen is edible but is very mundane especially as I am a vegetarian.

They can’t think of making any food besides pasta in either cream or tomato sauce! I just try to get some food in my belly because I get hungry by that time as I usually haven’t had anything to eat until then. I consider turning non-vegetarian but I can’t take the idea of how the animals are killed and especially what people eat, for example animal guts! It is inhumane! When we sit down on a table, about 8 of us (I don’t know how we cram onto one table but we do it) we talk about diverse topics but there is always one topic we eventually get onto which is how bad the school food actually is.

There is always at least one person who complains about the school food and that starts everyone off as they also try to pick faults in the school menu. After the afternoon lessons almost everyone has an activity. If we have nothing to do we pop up to the fourth floor and start playing table tennis. As I am the worst player there, I generally lose all the games which is annoying, but my competitive attitude forbids me from stop playing. Then there is the long ride back home.

The traffic in Bangkok is abysmal and you can get caught in traffic in one street for an hour or longer and it gets you very frustrated especially when you have a little brother babbling in the background about cartoon characters. This is when I start to get exhausted as I have used up all the energy I had during the day. By the time I get home I am very tired but I have so much homework to get through I get cracking on that. When I finish homework I relax and settle down for the evening. I start thinking about how the day went and especially about people’s reactions to the things which have happened.

I watch some TV and listen to some music before dinner and soon after dinner I go to bed. Dinner is a boring affair at my house. I don’t like Indian cuisine any more because I have been eating it for all my life. Adding to the misery we don’t talk at the dinner table, it is one of the house rules as such and makes the meal an even more boring affair. Then I have a nice nine hour sleep which recharges my batteries to go head first into the next day, and hope that it is better than the day which I have just lived. That is the secret of my energy!

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