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In 2011, our great country will once more get to choose its leaders through popular elections. By that time, I myself would be eligible to vote and even at this moment, I am already very eager to exercise that right. It has not always been the case that women were allowed to participate in such affairs of politics. In fact, it was not until the signing of the 19th amendment in August of 1920 that the absolute right to suffrage was given to America’s women. This milestone in democracy was the culmination of the work of many great women who fought bravely despite a patriarchal society’s discrimination and contempt. Women like Florence Hilles and Alice Paul despite persecution stood up for their belief that the right to choose a country’s leaders should rest upon everyone whose lives would be affected by the chosen leaders’ decisions. These strong individuals worked so that women of then, now, and tomorrow would be unhindered from stepping into that voting booth and contributing to the choice of this great nation’s leadership. The 19th amendment made suffrage our right, but the sacrifices of the women who made that moment of history possible makes suffrage our responsibility.

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