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”A Dolls House” by Henrik Ibsen Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The playwright’s use of language helps the reader to learn more about the characters and it also helps gain a better feel for particular situations, and to understand the overall meaning.

In-order to analyse the language in A Dolls House I am going to focus on to scenes, which are the first and last scene, by doing this I wish to portray Nora’s change in character.

Nora begins the play by acting in a typical feminist role where the man is dominating the woman and she is obeying every rule as of the stereotype of men having a higher status then women.

Helmer begins the book with the word “Is that my skylark twittering out there?” we instantly are portrayed the image of Helmer seeing his wife as an animal, almost a sex object, something that has no real value, but is just there in sight.

When Nora asks her husband to come and see what she has bought from her shopping trip her husband conveys his authority by exclaiming, “You mustn’t disturb me”. Nora continues the scene in a lower status and continues having to an

swer to Helmers every question and concern. The roles do not necessary turn in the last scene but we

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sense Nora being more assertive and confident. Its as if she finally realises she is no longer an object. She first shows her confidence by being able to demand Helmer to sit as she has “a lot to say”. By Helmer, doing as he is told instantly shows us Nora’s success, although small and petty but it is the first step. After Helmer sits, it seems Nora is in a higher position and is doing the demanding. Helmer begins to ask questions and by him having to ask for answers shows Nora is needed, and that she does make a difference to his life. This scene opens Helmer’s eyes to what he had been doing to her. Nora’s lines in the first scene are short and simple but by the last scene, her lines expand in to short prose. Helmer begins confident and high! Nevertheless, he ends down! (Sitting) and confused, which immediately doubts his confidence.

Ibsen uses Figurative Language to convey the story metaphorically;

Helmer calls Nora “songbird” many times. This is a metaphor of Nora’s life- she is kept caged up by Helmer, when she really wants to fly free, without constraints.

Some similes are found in the play, too. Nora says to her children “What red cheeks you’ve got! Like apples and roses!” This shows Nora’s compassion towards her children.

Ibsen writes typical of the ways that the characters might talk in relation to their position and their relationship with each other. For example, the way that Torvald speaks with Nora shows that he condescends to her and that Nora enjoys it. Krogstad speaks sternly but softens up when Linde tell him she still loves him.

The tone is depressing and downbeat during the play because the reader finds out early on that Nora is in trouble, and then learns that Dr. Rank has a life-threatening illness.

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