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A Fading Family Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Looking through the window, mother is at the kitchen sink, drying the last dish from dinner. Father, brother, and sisters still sit at the dinner table laughing at the silly tricks of their dog. Anyone would know immediately that this is a family. However, the traditional notion of a family is fading away. Modern technology, divorce rates and single parents, and the race to compete and succeed are three contributing factors to the weakening of the family. Looking through the window, the picture is likely quite different now.

The television blares in the background as the young brother sneakily texts his friends while typing on the computer. Dad is throwing away the last bag of take out Chinese, and mom and sister have been gone for hours at a gymnastics meet. The technologies of today have contributed to the deterioration of families. When a child comes home from school, he or she can simply have a T. V. dinner by him or herself. Two hundred years ago, a family gathered after a hard days work on the farm for a family dinner and star gazing. At this time families worked together and played together.

Everyone had a role. The joy of playing in the yard and throwing a ball have been demolished by Facebook, texting, video gaming, and skyping. All of these distractions are huge time wasters that isolate a family member rather than join them together by going on a walk to the creek. Brothers and sisters would wish not ride their bicycle to the market or post office to get the eggs, milk, and mail. Now these items can be delivered right to a residence or picked up by a parent in a speedy car that zips around quickly and efficiently

. These upgraded inventions have radically altered the model of a family and as they continue

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to grow more advanced, the family will separate and change even more. Today the divorce rates are flying through the roof damaging the status of a complete family. Thirty percent of couples are getting divorced in the United States. This astonishing statistic shows that people are no longer valuing the commitment they made to each other. They are not willing to go through the bad times, but instead quickly retreat from the family. Divorce is no longer thought of as a bad thing or surprising.

This also affects children who were created from this divorced couple. These kids have to split time with mother and father, which can crush them emotionally, especially if they have to choose sides in an argument. Their impression of family is changed forever. Nowadays, it is harder to spend quality time with your family. Jobs, activities, and homework are three main contributors. Within the past ten years, it has become increasingly difficult to support a family in this changing economy. This results in longer work hours and sometimes having to work the night shift.

If a parent or partner doesn’t get home until 8:00 at night and leaves at 6:00 a. m. , it is hard to spend quality time with family members considering the time it takes to eat a late dinner, wash up, and get changed. After this late re-entry to that person’s home, they might turn on the T. V. to relieve stress and not want to hear about their family’s day or any problems they might have. In an effort to race toward success children are doing more homework and building their skills early in sports, music, performing arts.

Students come home after a seven-hour school day and have four or five more hours of homework to do. Plus, if the student is an athlete and competes in school sports, they might have to stay an extra two to three hours after school. The opportunity to spend time with the family is immediately sacrificed for individual achievement. All of this work and overloading of tasks causes the concept of a family to diminish. Father was in charge, he told everyone what to do, he assigned chores and brings in the revenue.

Now everyone rules their own life. Brother can go up into his room and lock himself off from the world while getting sucked into video games and texting. Sister is at the mall with her friends, spending money given to her and trying on clothes. Mother is on a run to the grocery store, picking up a rotisserie chicken and blueberry muffins for dinner. Father is on the couch watching the latest sports news and checking his emails. The family is corrupted, the technologies and advancements are now in charge.

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