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A third language should be made compulsory because it has many advantages such as creating better opportunities of employment advance in career, boosts brain development, bridges cultural connections, gives us an economic edge and most of all contribution to nation-building.

Numerous reports have proven that people gain advantages in learning foreign language. According to Normaz (n.d), the ability of mastering more than one language benefits the nation in exploring new knowledge; attract more businesses and foreign investors. For examples, to read and understand books or materials in foreign language help our people to communicate with foreign investors. Apart from that, according to Flynn, (n.d) cited in (anonymous,2012) research into the effects of bilingualism on people suggests that exposure to more than one language is an excellent way of flexing and building up those brain muscles. Blood in our brain cells will assemble into the head and reactivity of our brain cells will be improved.

Moreover, learning a foreign language is also an opportunity for career advance in future. Education now put an extremely high value on knowledge of more than one language. According to The National Council of state supervisors of Foreign Languages, (2009) cited in (Ainol & Isarji, 2009) higher education should require competency in a foreign language as an admission requirement. It is the need for graduates to acquire personal qualities to master the foreign language. For example, proficiency in a third language where it is now the ability of an individual to speak or perform in other languages. According to Anonymous (2011), speaking a foreign language is also important for job opportunity. For example, people can apply for the foreign jobs at different location and countries within the company to keep them getting promoted.

Furthermore, learning a foreign language can contribute towards nation-building. According to Daud, (1994) & kagoshiman, (1991) cited in (Ainol & Isarji, 2009), a nation whose citizens are proficient in foreign languages is bound to have the distinct advantage of being better-placed to have access to foreign technology that is crucial to nation-building. It has become an economic commodity. For example, the usage of Besta Electronic Dictionary and Mac Apple gadgets help people to have better understanding toward languages and have become part of graduates study tools. In addition, according to Ainol & Isarji, (2009) many nations have addressed the need to produce graduates who are able to learn more than one language in the effort to compete in the global society. Malaysia has acknowledged the importance of proficiency in a third language in order to develop human capital that drives the economy as well as competes in the international arena. Such as, easy to negotiate with other international country for exports and imports manufacturer products.

In conclusion, languages help to enhance professional and personal life. Hence, it is an asset to graduates in Malaysia to have the advance learning for their future career. Therefore, learning a foreign language should be compulsory in Malaysia.


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