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The most memorable and happiest occasion of my life is the day of my H.S.C. (Higher Secondary School Certificate) result. The day was August 26, 2011. From the very beginning of that day I was very nervous and excited about my result. My parents, my brother and all other family members were also very excited about my result. As I was very nervous I prayed a lot on that day. I want to get my result to my college with my mom and my brother. I was registered to the website of Bangladesh Education Board to get my result earlier. When we all were waiting for our result in front of our auditorium I got a text message from the education board and it was my result and I got GPA 5.00 which is the highest grade of secondary level. As I had not seen my result directly I could not believe that, so I was waiting for the publication of result from our college. About 2 o’clock we all got our result. I was very happy and speechless.

I ran to my mom to inform her about my brilliant success in H.S.C. exam. She was very happy to hear that. Then she informed all of our near and dear family members about my result. Everyone congratulated me. Many of my close friends also got GPA 5.00. We all celebrated the day and enjoyed a lot. It was a happy occasion to me but not for one of my dearest friend who did not get GPA 5.00. He was very upset. I consoled him and also supported him. When I went home everyone welcomed me warmly and celebrated the day. It was a nice get together. I will never forget the day.

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