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A History of Race and Racism in America Essay Sample

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A History of Race and Racism in America Essay Sample

Ever since the beginning of American history, Racism has ruled the American land. Despite the effort of great personalities like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and many other peoples, this land still treats the people in the name of the color. America has ruled the whole world, every aspect of it from the technology to the religion but is still being ruled by color discrimination. This is the bitter truth of American society.

On December 17, 2016, Editorial board published an article \”Unequal sentences for blacks and whites\”, at the Gadsden County jail in Florida. Why is racism still ruling America? This article tries to portray this question in the head of every individual in America. People should be judged by their deeds not by color. The article exposed the fact that black American get more time behind the walls than the whites when they commit the same crime under identical circumstances. It shows the biases of the judges and prosecutor sentencing inequality. This article also shows the statistic of an average prison sentence of black and white in which blacks go to prison thrice the whites.

Herald-Tribune, Source of the data, found that judge disregarded the guidelines, sentencing black defendants to longer prison terms 70 percent more than the whites. The war on drugs weighs heavy on black defendants. The police target their neighborhoods, herding people into a court system where judges are harder on black offenders. They treat them like an animal. This article presents an example about two teenagers charged with armed robbery in the same country. Prosecutors and defense lawyer, with the approval of one judge, ignored the sentencing guidelines for the white teenager while the black teenager was sentenced to four years, and was told by his lawyer that it was the best deal he could get.

Similarly, Bryan Stevenson in \’Just Mercy\’ tries to define the same issue of racial discrimination. He says one in three black male babies born this century is expected to be incarcerated. The central question of Stevenson book is why people are judged unfairly. In the first phase of book Stevenson says,\” Black men are eight times more likely to be killed by policies than Whites\”. He tries to explain it through the case of Black Walter McMillian. He was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a young white woman. He was held on death row prior to being convicted and sentenced to death though there was no tangible evidence against him. When Bryan Stevenson took over his case, he was determined to bring justice to him and prove him innocent.

Stevenson requested for different trials with the jury officials and DA’s to investigate further about the reality. Three witnesses testified against Mr. McMillian and the jury ignored multiple alibi witnesses. Although Stevenson made several efforts he could to free McMillian, the corrupt judicial system ignored almost all of his requests. Walter was hopeless and gave up. Everything was against him. There were several flaws in Walter\’s case, including faulty witness testimonies, State misconduct, racial bias in jury selection, and an unnecessary judge override of the jury’s life sentence.

Why are people discriminated because of color? Do they have a unique thing in their blood that ultimately shows them they are criminal? No, Blacks are not always criminal but it\’s the society and people\’s thought that make them criminal. The article and the book define common thing about racial discrimination. And as per the Stevenson, we see things happening wrong in front of us but we never go after it. We need to approach near it, know things, understand them and make a decision. So, never ever judge people by their race and color, the only thing that matters is the truth. Likewise, In the Walter case, what would happen if Walter was white?

Would he have to face the same situation? And the answer is \”No\”. The whole system is corrupt. The article portrays the statistical data of racism. Likewise, Stevenson wants to show the world that blacks are still treated badly, condemned without acknowledging their right, Convicted without investigation. Why is the World so cruel to them? Was this their fault to born like that?

To sum up, the article presented above is from the Florida jail but is representing the pathetic condition of black of whorl country. They are imprisoned without their case being investigated properly but even if they do, everyone from the jury to the policeman favors the whites. With the statistical view, we can see the actual ratio of Black vs White in jail. And Without no doubts, it\’s Black who always gets the higher one. While, with the case of Walter, Bryan shows the judiciary prejudice and racial bias. He also conveys the message for the World that, we cannot change the World from the distance. He describes every harsh situation of Walter after being arrested to finally be a free man. So, we can say the article and the book ask the same question to the whorl world. Is it Curse to born as Black?

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