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The sun is shining, the sky is clear, temperatures are already beginning to rise I step outside into the glaring, luminous sun that heats up my skin just perfectly I lay out on a picnic blanket, gasping in the dazzling sunlight, enjoying the summer sun before it gets too hot to enjoy On this hot summer day…

As the afternoon comes around, the heat is now torrid
I can barely stand to be outside before my mouth begins quenching for thirst and the uncomfortable feeling of sweat slowly starts to run down my back On this hot summer day…
I take a bike ride into down town to get some lemonade in order to satisfy my severe craving hoping to feel a cool breeze while riding through the radiant heat of this searing sunlight, beaming off my cheeks, making them rose red On this hot summer day…

As the sun begins to set, the brilliant, lustrous pink, red and orange colors cover the sky and the heat finally begins to diminish I can now enjoy the end of this hot summer day with a book in hand and my feet swinging freely, while they hang over the wooden swing that is tied to the tall oak tree the ending of a scorching, yet glamorous, summer day, is only the beginning of the next hot summer day…

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