A Letter to My Future Child Essay Sample

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Daughter, son, adopted, down-syndrome, gay, straight, academically challenged or academically gifted – I love you. You have entered a world which works in mysterious ways. A world that will throw anything your way whether you’re expecting it or not. I have learned that life is difficult and everything comes with a price. You will not get what you want when you want it, you have to work for it and earn it. It’s as simple as that. A world where many people choose not to educate themselves and as such it becomes difficult to communicate when people are so easily corruptible and naive. I have also learned that the reality of this modern life has become so fake that we have trouble trusting one another, we come to a point where we push away our loved ones when we need them the most. You fake smiles, you have fake friendship, no values ,no discipline. Everyone has turned out to be selfish and greedy. Modern technologies may have benefits but its taking away the sense of being human. We show what others want to see, losing our true selves. With all the social sites people are becoming more lonely, self-centred and psychotic. Lost are the days when there was a harmony, sense of helping each other, unity, peace and true happiness. Everything may be fake nowadays but you my dear child shall look beyond what you see in front of you, to find its true value.

You will search for the good things that are going to happen during your journey through life. So as you can see life is going to be a challenge. When you reach your teenage years you will realise that the world doesn’t revolve around only you, the way you’re going to make it out to be. You will face many challenges every single day, from the moment you wake up to the very moment you close your eyes at night, some challenges you face may even be too much for you to handle on your own but do not fear my child, I will always be by your side every step of the way to help you find the right pathway for yourself and push you to use your full potential. Your journey will have its ups and downs, the main thing I want you to do in life is to do the things that will make you happy because your happiness will lead to the happiness of others. Please be yourself before pleasing others. You will get opportunities to do what you love that even I didn’t have when I was your age, so take it with both as soon as you get the opportunity. You may come in contact with the bad side of this life which involves drugs and al

cohol. These substances may be very tempting considering the age

you are at but I strongly advise you to keep these out of your life. If you start using these your life will only go downhill which no mother wants to see. I want to see you succeed in life, so when you hit rock bottom don’t turn to drugs and alcohol, turn to your family and we shall support you my dear child. Writing this letter to you a possible decade before you are even born so this way you can believe that I was truly once a child and you can trust me with the conviction of knowing that I was once in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be you. I’ve been there before. I have been loved, hated, hurt, pushed, shoved, recognized, underestimated, overestimated, bullied, rejected, dumped, had to reject, had to say yes, threatened, peer pressured, been lied to, had to lie, helped, had to help, made mistakes, I have had many experiences and still will have more in the future. I don’t want you to think that you are alone. I don’t want you to think that I’ll be of no help, because truly, your parents are the only people in the world that will be able to help you when times are tough. Your attitude towards people will define your personality.

If you have a nasty attitude towards others, they will dislike you and talk behind your back. If you have a kind and generous attitude and you use your manners towards people, they will see that you have respect therefore they will respect you. You have to treat others the way you would want to be treated so that you can get along with everyone and cause no drama. Always consider others feelings. This is the way to a peaceful and hate-free zone which is what you will be aiming for. You may have some haters on your journey through life, but do not take notice of them, just keep on doing what you do so you can succeed and maintain a brighter future for yourself. Love – I will not tell you that you are too young to be in love for it was about this age where I first fell in love during my high school days. I will not tell you what my mother told me for I just did the opposite when I was your age and I fear that you would do the same. I am trusting you to make the right decision on your own.

Just know that love is patient and it will come to you when it’s the right time. So do not worry about falling in love, because love takes time. For the time being you should focus on your school work and aiming high because you my dear are so lucky you don’t even know it. You have opportunities that some kids around the world who don’t even know half the things you know. So consider yourself lucky. Education will play a big part in your life, it is the key to success and in this modern life success is what you want the most. After you graduate from high school, I hope you keep on studying, so when life throws you off track, you know just what to do to get back on track. Do not get sidetracked by what your friends are doing, they will not take the exams and tests for you.

During my youth years I learned that life isn’t easy, no matter what age you are life will still be difficult. You will make mistakes over and over again but you also learn from these mistakes which then lead you to do better the next time. Life will knock you down, but it’s up to you to get back up and start again. It is all about how you react to what comes your way, whether you stay down and do nothing or get up and show everyone that one little thing will not get in your way to success in this life. It will get hard but life also goes on. Sweetheart I hope this letter will help you make your choices throughout life and prepare yourself for what’s coming your way so that your life could have the best future possible.

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