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I am very delighted to hear that you would like to use some land in the Xinyi District to build new recreational constructions for the citizens. Personally, I think we should use the land to construct a park. Xinyi District is glutted with department stores already. I believe that citizens are able to obtain almost all of what they need or want in the shopping malls we currently have. Instead of building more shopping malls, parks are beneficial for individuals, the environment, and the district’s appearance.

First of all, I believe that Mr. Hao’s main goal for constructing new recreational structures is to let the citizens stay healthy, strong, and cheerful every day. Exercising is one of the most essential way to prevent people turning into runts and stay healthy. Of course, the people need a park to exercise. You might wrangle that we can just build fitness centers in the department stores. Please consider about the citizens who would love to exercise daily but cannot afford to go to fitness center every day. There would definitely be furor among the people who cannot go to the fitness canter because they would feel inferior (not having as much money). Not only about affordability, doesn’t it feel so much better to be outdoor im

bibing fresh air and sunshine instead of trapped in a limited space? Also, constructing a park helps

people to make more friends. While the children are playing together the adults get to talk to and know each other. This way, the people in the district can be more united. We do not want the people in the district to be estranged from each other, do we?

Additionally, one can see that constructing a park is way more beneficial to the environment than constructing more malls. In a city like Taipei, pollution spreads like head lice. Air pollution is the worst. Obviously, we cannot survive without fresh air. Parks are congenial places to plant trees. More trees equal more fresh air! As you can see, Mr. Hao, we really need a park that has plenty of trees to help us survive; otherwise, the in Xinyi District will become transient or maybe pulverized by air pollution.

Lastly, in my opinion, the Xinyi district will look a lot more attractive with parks (without detritus everywhere of course) that have miscellaneous plants and colorful recreational structures for children. If you look at Xinyi District from a visitor’s vantage, Mr. Hao, would you prefer to visit a place with a park that has gorgeous views and is full of life or with gruesome department stores everywhere with smoke coming out the chimney, lingering in the air, making the sky around dark? Constructing parks will definitely make the district’s appearance look nicer.

All in all, I have contrived an excellent way to use the land—build a park. I am not speaking with asperity about how we should rampage or uproot all the malls into pellets. But clearly, there are many more benefits of constructing a park than a department store. I am speaking with the ardor of a true “we should build a park” believer. As the honcho of the Taipei City, who has dexterous faced and handled many difficult choices before, please consider the reasons that I have explicated in this letter and make a wise choice. I am very certain that if Mr. Hao decides to construct a park, you will never feel chagrin.

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