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A Life in the Day Essay Sample

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A Life in the Day Essay Sample

Norbert Krysa, 14, lives in Slough, Berkshire along with his mum, dad and brother. He plays football for a local team and enjoys going to watch speedway in Reading. Norbert attends The Westgate School in Cippenham. He is currently in year 10 studying for his GCSE’s.

I love getting up early in the morning. I get up quickly and eat my breakfast, after which I have some time to watch television before I leave for school. I hate coming to school early, so I leave at the same time everyday, and as I get into the building the bell goes. Perfect!

Tutor time is just chatting and answering to the register. After the first two lessons it’s time for break time, and I meet up with my mates. I’m always dedicated to sport and that’s what we like to discus between us. Once that very short fifteen minute break is over the clock is against me as I head for lesson three. After that there’s another lesson then its lunchtime. Once again I meet up with my friends lunch flies by quickly and time for the last lesson of the day. Throughout this last lesson I mostly chill out and think about what I’ll be doing at home later in the afternoon.

At home, first I get changed out of my school uniform and put on a tracksuit. When I’ve done that I have a quick snack then head to my computer to chat to my mates or play some games. After that I may go out to play football or just watch some telly for an hour or two. I usually watch sky sports television. Later on in the evening I will do my homework if I have any. I hate doing homework and always leave it until the last minute and then frantically work against the clock.

At weekends it’s all very different. Every Saturday morning from ten in the morning I have football training for my local team – Burnham Warriors football club. After training I’m very exhausted and I just sit back on my sofa watching the Premiership. I hardly do any chores at home, if any, I might just do the hovering now and then if I’m bored. Sundays are quite similar, however most are match days for me. This season my team, Burnham Warriors is in division one so I have high hopes.

My hobbies are mostly to do with sport. Obviously I love playing football as I play for a team. I also enjoy going to watch speedway. The team I support is Reading Bulldogs and I go to watch them fairly frequently. What do I like to eat? Well, my favourite food is probably roast chicken and my much-loved drink is coca-cola.

My favourite film genres are probably action and comedy. I like the James Bond series and funny films like Borat and Talladega Nights. I sometimes like horror films too, for example Saw and Dawn of the Dead. The music I listen to varies. Mostly I listen to charts and then if I like the song I buy it off iTunes.

I usually go on one holiday a year in the summer holidays with my family. Last year I went to Ibiza and I really enjoyed my time there. We spent time on the beach and my highlight was when we rented out a boat and we went out miles into the sea. As for my dream holiday I would like to go to Australia and try out scuba diving. Next year my parents are planning to visit Tunisia and I’m really looking forward to it.

Let me get back to school. My favourite lesson is PE because I’m a sporty person. My most unpleasant lesson is English because I hate doing lots of writing and coursework. At school my best friends are James and Scott, and it has been like that for over two years. After school I am involved in the year 10 football team. I am also occasionally involved in the cricket team, if I can be bothered to play.

To finish off all my days, I never forget to watch Sky Sports News. Otherwise, I go on the internet for a bit to sum up all the events of the day. My bed time usually varies between ten ‘o clock and half past eleven. On Saturdays I stay up even longer because I watch the late Match of the Day show. Then I have a shower and jump into bed. I reflect on the past and think about the day – also about tomorrow. That’s how my day ends.

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