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A Meaningful Life Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Needless to say, a meaningful life is an individual thing that everyone likes to pursue. But what is the actually meaning of a meaningful life? How to attain it? These abstract questions have drawn split responses from people.

As a matter of fact, different people hold different views. Some think that a meaningful life means owning a enormous amount of money, living extravagantly in a commodious house. Some say it refers to a life of fame, glory and high social status.

Personally, I think a meaningful life is a life full of goals. As we all know, people without aims are like ships without rudders. So, to my mind, goals are of paramount importance to an individual. Only by setting clear goals can we prod ourselves to work hard and bring meaning to our lives.

Our goals should be set with a view to accomplish four tasks. These include maintaining a harmonious family, climbing to the zenith in career, searching for some bosom friends and finally contr

ibuting to the community. Let me expound them one by one. First,

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there is no gainsaying that our families bear an inalienable link with our lives. We should be able to share both our felicity and woe with our beloved like our parents and siblings. We should also always be ready to render them continual support and unremitting encouragement in times of adversity. As a consequence of mutual trust and concern, a good family life can be cultivated.

Next, our careers play a vital role in our lives. We should dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to our jobs. We should never be frustrated and daunted by difficulties. In fact, after conquering the seemingly insurmountable obstacles, enormous exaltation can be attained. In a word, diligence and perseverance are keys to success.

Meanwhile, our friends also affect our lives substantially. It is plain that friendship is priceless and perpetual. The more friends you have, the more meaningful and fulfilling you will find life. When we are stranded in a predicament, the inestimable value of our staunch friends will be manifested. Therefore we should treasure our chums.

Last but not least, as a citizen of the community, it is our obligation to make some contributions. One viable way is taking part in voluntary work. There are so many miserable people, say, orphans, patients and the handicapped. Our help, no matter how little it is, may bring lots of warmth and joy to them.

In a nutshell, if we are capable of achieving the aforesaid goals, we are likely to lead a meaningful life. So we should not squander even little increments of time. We should make full use of every second to make our lives more meaningful and respectable.

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