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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Fate Essay Sample

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Fate Essay Sample

Have you ever wondered what is behind fate? A force that is certainly not human, that is for sure. If this power is not human what can it possibly be? Mostly fairies and gods are the source of our fate. For example, Puck and Oberon in a Midsummer Night’s Dream are just a few of the influences behind fate. Since Puck and Oberon are not human their ways on interference are certainly powers of fate. The duo are not human, they work in mysterious ways, and are interfering only for the good of the mortals involved, so it can be stated that they are the forces behind fate.

In order for Puck and Oberon’s behavior to be inexcusable upon mortals, they would have to be mortals themselves. Human’s lives are determined by fate, but their lives are not in the hands of another human. Since Puck and Oberon are not human themselves, they can be considered forces of fate. Technically the two fairies are only guiding the humans in their journey through their lives and helping them to make the right choices. To be held accountable for their actions, Puck and Oberon would have to be humans, not forces of fate. Since they are considered forces of fate, they have reason to meddle in the mortals lives. The events that have happened due to Puck and Oberon now can be excused since they were acting as a force of fate.

Puck and Oberon enjoy being concealed from the mortal eye. That way these two can help the characters, but one have to deal with the trying to be told to ‘mind your own business’ since no one can see them. Never in the movie or the play, did Titania, Hermia, Lysander, Helena, Demetrius, or Bottom know that they were being influenced by anything but their own decisions. Fate works like the two fairies; they are mysterious so that they are never seen, heard, or acknowledged. When Titania takes the little Indian boy, no one but her and Oberon notice that the little boy has been switched. The switch was made without anyone noticing. And when the baby didn’t get switched back it was because of fate, Titania was ment to have the baby. Without the help of Puck and Oberon, the mortals would never have reached their rightful destiny. By remaining a mysterious magical power, Puck and Oberon can guide the characters tot he destiny that was designed for them.

Oberon, If not Oberon and Puck too, are only trying to help the mortals. For example, the love-idlenes-juices was put on Demetrius in order to make Helena happy. Oberon felt sorry for her, and knew what she was feeling since he was feeling the same when Titania paid more attention to the baby then to him. Oberon felt that if he could not be happy he could at least try and make Helena happy.

In conclusion, Puck, Oberon, and all the fairies act with good intentions. Without the guidance of Puck and Oberon, destiny would not exist, and there would be no guiding power to help mortals achieve their destiny. This force, this power, that Puck and Oberon have been acting as, was put on earth in order to guide the mortals. If Puck and Oberon did not interfere with the humans’ lives then the would not be doing a satisfactory job of guiding mortals. Fairies have all the qualities of fate; they are never seen nor heard, their ways are quite mysterious, and they work for the good of all mankind. Therefore Puck and Oberon’s interference with the mortals is not only perfectly excusable, but it is absolutely necessary in order for mortals to achieve their final destiny.

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