A Morning Scene Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The faint melodious sounds of insects buzzing to attract their mates and frogs croaking under the falling dew from the trees, announcing the fall of the night and greatly anticipating the rise of the day. While the humans are still asleep in slumber land, the animals of every corner of the earth are waiting to celebrate a new day, an adventure full of excitement, directly from God. Unfortunately the nocturnal animal, the owl is spotted to be ready for a long sleep and to dream the night away – will miss it all.

By perfect timing, the miraculous event happens Mother Nature sets its course.Flashes light up the desolate night. A new lease of life begins to flourish, touching every living thing in sight, giving them immaculate and divine solace. It is fate that had sent the poignant moon away. The same moon that showered us with romance during seemly endless nights. Now all it can do is to back us with its convincing goodbyes and hope that we remember his passionate love, the dim lights of the dark skies.

Wait a minute; I see something beyond the

horizons. The seas, the hills, the trees,the skies, the clouds, all ready to greet the morning star,

to bow down to their king. It is as if they shouted out loudly with one voice.

“All glory, all power and all sovereignty belongs to our master and king forever and ever, till the end of time!”

It is meant to be. The day awaits it. The glorious sun so astute to show off its radiant face is still so inchoate and has not fully risen.

The sun is growing and growing in size and its glimmering light shines brighter and brighter. The inhabitants of the earth, all kinds of plants and flowers; showing its gradual appealing beauty, reflecting the light of the sun on its colour. Sweet smelling roses, wan at night, becoming redder and redder under the rising sun. The unique morning glory, the flower so connected with time, opens and blossoms as the light brightens. Its petals welcome the day, basking in the light.

Soon a plethora of excitements fills the air; the gentle breeze slowly refreshing everything that comes in his way. Even man cannot resist the magnificent beauty – the true colours of the earth that shatters the even the coldest of hearts and their dreams of day becomes a reality.

The glimmer of hope strengthens as every minute passes. The plants can finallymake food through the process of photosynthesis, which needs the sun. The children can finally give a sigh of relief as the ghost could not touch nor haunt them anymore. In their baby minds, ghost only come out at night – no more virulent monsters under the bed or in the closet. The morning sun acts like a shield to protect them. Hail the sun, the source of nourishment, strength and beauty. Hail the sun, whichgives refuge to the weak and light to the blind. Hail the sun, which turns the night into dawn and the darkness into light.

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