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A Mysterious Bracelet Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It was a cold and gloomy Saturday evening. The clouds were a deep shade of grey and the sky looked like it was about to release a bucket load of rain. On the horizon, lightning flashed, and a moment later a soft rain began to fall. The trees lining the path, heavy with leaves, rustled in the breeze as thunder echoed. As I watched, the rain intensified into a steady downpour, falling diagonally from the sky. Thunder exploded overhead, and the rain began coming down in sheets. I could see the rain blowing onto the saw dust covered floor, forming wide puddles in the dirt.

A few feet away, the storm seemed to be reaching its climax as another sheet of rain broke from the clouds.  “Hello, and welcome to Barry’s watch shop. How may I help you?” asked the man on the telephone. “Hi, may I please know whether my watch is ready, my name is Clarissa and I was there two days ago.” The man on the telephone cleared his throat, “Yes, your watch is repaired; you can pick it up now.” I hung up the phone and grabbed my khaki trench coat, an umbrella, my Ipod and headphones, my keys and my purse. I slammed the front door and started to walk towards the watch shop.

The air was beginning to cool. The street was dark and quiet. I looked at the houses and realised that I couldn’t see any lights on in any of them. I continued to let my legs guide my directions. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light from an apartment shining through the navy blue curtains of the window. “Click, clack, click,” I thought I heard footsteps. Whoosh! I turned around and no one was there. “I’m being paranoid. Why would anyone follow me?” I thought to myself. I had an eerie feeling about those footsteps. Something wasn’t right. I smelt a strong French pe

rfume that intoxicated the air. I turned into the main street. I

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stumbled over a crack in the ground but continued walking, a bit embarrassed. “Excuse me, miss. I think you dropped this,” said a woman’s voice with a quite strong French accent. “Huh? I didn’t realise there was anyone behind me.” I turned around and I saw a thin French woman with a fluffy beret. She gave me a silver bracelet which was actually not mine. I tried to tell her that the bracelet was not mine, but I decided to take the bracelet with me. While I was bringing it back home, I was admiring the very define designs on it. “Wow!” I thought to myself, this must cost a fortune.

A week later, my best friend invited me to her birthday party. Dressing up for the party, I wondered if I should wear the bracelet. I thought twice and made the decision: “I’m wearing it!” I just realised my grandmother was in the house sleeping. “Um, it’s okay, I’ll just lock the door, and thus nothing will happen.” Time went by very fast at the party. I had a really great time. Soon I need to go home and check on my grandmother. Besides, it was getting late.

As I reached home, I saw my door opened widely and the vase beside my door was shattered into pieces on the ground. Fear swept through me like a virus. I rushed into my house, and I saw blood splattered on the floor. Panicked, I ran into the room; saw my grandmother lay lifeless on the floor. Teardrops started falling from my eyes like raindrops. I recalled every memory that I spent with her.

My grandmother was one of the important people in my life. She had always just been there for me. She had worked her way up through her schooling and to go college to get her degree. She had never given up even through the hard times. It was astonishing that she could keep her head up high and her spirits strong through everything. She made me want to keep going and be successful just the same way that she was. It just gave me some sort of motivation and a sense of greater knowledge.

I directly called 911 and after half an hour they arrived. Questions started filling the air and I couldn’t answer all except for one. “Anything strange happened to you for the past few days?” I told them the bracelet incident. They took the bracelet and put it in a plastic container. They told me they will contact me as soon as possible.

Two days passed and suddenly, while I was watching news, my telephone rang. It was the police. They had already captured the criminal. As it turns out, the strange French lady that gave me the bracelet was actually a wanted terrorist in France. In the bracelet, there was a tracking device. As they were explaining the situation, her face popped up on the screen. Oh well, at least, there will not any more of her crimes in the near future.

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