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Introduction of TOPIC

Many teenagers watch too much TV, and because of that they can’t socialize in groups, because they want to watch instead of talk with others. If they watch a conflict on TV, it can’t prepare them emotionally to confront and handle a situation in reality, like it can if they experience it directly. Students perceptions of themselves are limited, they can’t concentrate in class, and their imaginations are crippled. They can’t tell a story, they can’t read, and they can forget an event, just right after it happened, all thanks to TV. Their attention span has been decreased by TV, which means that they can’t keep up in class for more than a few minutes, and afterwards they start to talk with others, or maybe play games on their computer.

On the other hand, if they didn’t watch TV, they wouldn’t be updated in local news. But somehow it is okay that they watch TV, for in some way they learn a bit from it, and they don’t want to read, so they have to learn it from one place. However the average working American looks at 1200 hours or more of TV, and reads only 5 hours per year, doesn’t mean that they can’t get a job. Jerzy Kosinski says that TV, unlike a novel, takes the initiative and says, be passive. I’ll do the moving, talking and acting, you be a spectator to life. With that he means, that you don’t have to imaging anything by yourself, but that the TV does it for you, and in that way, your mind becomes lazy, and you can’t tell a fantasy story.

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