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A person I admire is the current president of the Unites states of America Barack Hussein Obama. He is the 44th president of the USA and is the first African American. He really is mixed raced, but a drop of black blood makes you black. He was mainly raised by his maternal grandparents. He is very intelligent, he is a great father, a loving caring husband and in my opinion a great president. President Obama’s, mother was white and his father was African. His parents were married for a short time before divorcing. His mother remarried and moved from Hawaii his birth place to Indonesia. He attended Indonesian school and was homeschooled in English by his mother. His childhood was not stable until he lived with his grandparents. I think that his childhood and his exposure to many cultures when he lived in Indonesia, Hawaii and later in Chicago made him a person that could understanding the struggles of various people and make him want to defend their civil rights . President is married to Michelle and is the proud father of daughters Malia and Sasha.

He want for the children America what he wants for his girls for children to grow up in a world with no limits on their dreams and no achievements beyond your reach, and to grow into compassionate, committed men and women who will help build the world. He tried as much as he can to be present in their lives. He tries to have dinner with them and attend as many activities as he can. He kept his promise to get them a dog and we have seen him playing with them. He is the type of father any child will like. First Lady Michelle Obama is the love of President Obama, he respects her and love her publically.

He respects her and knows she is an intelligent woman… she was once his adviser. He attended Columbia University, and Harvard University, He became the first African American to be the editor of the Harvard Law Review. That appointment gained him national attention and he was given a contract to write a book which was on race relations. He also worked as the director of a community organization and was involved in many organization that served the underserved and unrepresented. To really serve the people he worked as a lawyer specializing in civil rights litigation. His political career started as an Illinois State Senate where he served from 1997-2004. He became a US Senator and served from 2005 to 2008.

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