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A person’s childhood years (the time from birth to twelve years of age) are the most important years of a person’s life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. It is generally accepted that a person’s childhood years are very important years of a person’s life, but it is hardly appropriate to say those years are the most important. We do not reject the importance of childhood years. Actually it is rather important for later part of a person’s life. Our lives, to a large extent are subject to our recognition of our surroundings. Our world views have been structured from very early stage of our childhood, mainly through our daily experiences. Every one therefore actually has his/her own world different from those of others, because even though we all live in a single world, each and every one of us in fact live in distinctive worlds which are determined by distinctive perceptions that vary widely from individual to individual. Hence, we should not be surprised by the extent to which a person’s life is influenced by one’s childhood.

Childhood, however, is only part of one’s life, and it is merely one of several determinatives that shape one’s later life. Among various determinatives is one’s learning ability. Human beings are superior to any other animals on the Earth simply because of their vigorous ability to learn. Psychology teaches us that training and self-training can dramatically alter our characteristics and even the ability to learn itself, which may eventually alter our lives. Furthermore, learning is a life long process, which means every part of one’s life could be an essential crucial period, and could play an indispensable role in one’s life. Examples are available every where.

Einstein was taken for an idiot by his teacher when he was a child. Even though he knew exactly that doesn’t necessarily mean he was really an idiot, the awkward altitude of his stupid teacher absolutely made Einstein’s childhood an awful one. Nevertheless, Einstein did lead a wonderful life. Most parents nowadays seem to believe the statement that childhood is the most important phase of one’s life, and therefore often force their children to learn those alleged essential skills for the sake of the future. The fact is, such behavior is rather presumptuous, because there still are many other important factors that affect one’s life.

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