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A physical or emotional assault acted upon a person Essay Sample

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A physical or emotional assault acted upon a person Essay Sample

When we first hear the word violence we picture a physical or emotional assault acted upon a person. Violence is the truth that is tearing our world apart. Paying our respects with silence, when we should be speaking up to stop violence. Most of us are secure in the knowledge that we are safe, however no one is safe as long as violence is abundant in our world. How can we be safe when going into a warzone and being an everyday citizen can bring us the same amount of pain. Most of the time the truth is kept secret. The truth is oftenly swept under the rug.

If getting caught was a criminal’s main problem, a lot of crimes would not have been committed. A common solution to some acts of violence is increasing the number of policemen that are looking over the citizens. Meanwhile, increasing the number of patrols may be somewhat efficient, there are still countless amounts of criminals running free. Predators do not think of violence as repulsive, they think of it as a tool. They use that tool to overpower everyone else. Striking violence against violence will not lead you anywhere. Violence makes you reflect upon what is wrong with the world.

War has been one of the top “solutions” to solve a dispute for hundreds of years, yet it never really helped us at all. People are killing, people are dying, people are getting hurt. Countless number of meaningless murders and assaults, with large amounts of innocent victims. It is taking everyone too long to realize that there is no good outcome to cruelty. We have to ask ourselves, “When is violence the answer? “. Selfishness has got us following the wrong direction. Violence strikes in many ways. One of those ways includes the role media may take in aggressive behavior in youth.

Violent television scenes a child may have watched play a big influence on that kid’s behavior. Meanwhile, not every kid who reads or watches any number of violent tv shows, movies, comic books or video games will become a violent criminal. Later in their life their conscience can end up being led by fear and imitation, which may result to children acting out. There are other forms of media violence besides television, such as video games, music, comic books. Hopefully, helping children understand the kinds of problems these examples may bring, will give them a better perspective as to what may have a negative impact on their lives.

Especially since anyone can be easily influenced by lots of types of media violence. In conclusion, violence plays too much of a role in our everyday life. Aside from that, the list of contributing factors to reckless behavior is endless. Even if it is a complete trauma, people are completely addicted to drama. Young people are being led by a lot of criteria. A lot of that impact are negative images that are being shared by social media. Everyone is bringing each other down. Violence is always the problem not the solution.

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