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Introduction of TOPIC

Sometimes there are things that are meant to be accepted. But, life must go on and live life like everyday is the last. Hi everyone! I am Terence Kelvin Quintero. I’m seventeen years old and I have one younger sister named Teresa Jayne Quintero. Of course, I have my parents too, they are Jayne Quintero and Kevin Quintero. I have a Heart Congenital disease since the day I was born but I didn’t bother about my sickness because I have my loving family with me. As you can see, my life is covered by darkness because of my disease, but for me it’s colorful because of my family and friends. My life started meaningful too when I saw and met that girl who catches my heart. We knew each other by faces and names only and we never talked ever since, sounds odd right?

But I admire her secretly that she can’t notice because I know that someday I have to leave this world anytime. That is why I did not confess to her and it sounds awkward because we never really know each other. Well, how did I know her? It is because she is my sister’s best friend, her name is Shaylie Jimenez. Every time she visits in our house making projects with my sister TJay, I am inside of my room. Whenever I needed s0omething outside I’ll just passed by them and never make a glance because I don’t want to show my feelings to her.

One day, my sister comes to me with her best friend Shay, asking help for their documentary vide

o presentation. I just looked at her with a puppy eyes begging to me to help her. “When?” I said

coldly. That’s how I treat my sister but I love her I just don’t want to be kind in the eyes of others. She told me her plan of making the project; I just nodded to her and walk away from them. After that, I went to our basketball practice. When we finish our basketball practice, I walked home when suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

I’m in the corner of the streets; I roam my eyes around and saw her. There are two guys holding her and she is shouting for help. I ran swiftly towards her and punch the two guys in their stomach. The two guys bent down and ran away from us. It was then that I realized that my chest is aching because of anger and other emotions. “Terence, what happened to you?” she asked but I won’t tell her anything about my condition. After that, all went black and I don’t know what happened next. When I woke up, I saw my surroundings were all white. “Where am I?”. Then I saw a girl sleeping (Shay) at the sofa and after a few seconds, the door opens and I saw my family. They looked worried but I just looked at them with a blank expression on my face.

After that incident, Shaylie offered herself to stay with me at the hospital as an expression of gratitude for the help I’ve done. It feels awkward for me but I won’t show it to her. Until one day the doctor talks to my parents and said that I should undergo an operation as soon as possible because I’m becoming weaker. Shaylie still did not know my condition but she accidentally heard the conversation of my parents with the doctor. She rushed towards me and asked, “Is it true? You have a heart disease and you need a transplant?”

I just looked at her and replied, “Yes”. She knelt down and held my hands saying, “Please take the operation,” her voice got hoarse while saying that. I was so curious and asked her, “Why are you begging me?” She looked and said, “Because I love you.” I looked at her and said, “But how? We never talked to each other before.” She smiled and said, “I loved you secretly.” I never expected that she felt the same way too. So, I grabbed her hands and said, “I’ll take the operation.” After that, I confessed my feelings too her. She never expects that I feel that same for her, too. Fortunately, my operation succeeded and we’re in a relationship now.

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