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A printing shop Kularts Essay Sample

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A printing shop Kularts Essay Sample


In our daily lives technology is useful and important because technology helps us to make our life easier and effective. One of the threads about technology is the Internet. The Internet is very useful nowadays it gives us the information we need by just browsing and searching the information we need that will help our lives to become more knowledgeable about the things we do not know.
The Internet changed the life of many people, they become successful and more successful because of this what we call the internet. Most of the company are using internet for product advertising, online selling of products and other transactions that may help them to have a high gross of sales.
Kularts Enterprise is located at Cut-Cut First Tarlac City. Kularts is a printing shop they sell customized T-shirts, Jackets, and other printing products. It has three branches in Tarlac. The owner of the Kularts wants to have a website that the users or shoppers are able to make and choose their own design they want by customizing the product.
Online Clothing Customization System is an online shopping website and it has the functionality of customizing the design of the product. It can customize clothing like T-shirts, Jackets, and other products. This system is also used for advertising the products. Since the internet is operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the system also operates even the company is closed or not operating.


The current problem of the Kularts Enterprise is the way they advertise their products and the service and process they offer to the customers. Currently, when Kularts has a customer that is far from Tarlac like Davao it is hard for them to communicate and ask what the customer is really wanted for the design of their T-shirts. Sometimes when the T-shirts are delivered, customers are not satisfied with their orders because of miss understanding of the design, that cause for rejecting the products.
The researchers intend to develop an Online Clothing Customization System for Kularts Enterprise to make a website that has a clothing customization function that will benefit the owner and the customers.


The purpose of this system is to make the process for ordering the product easily and make a quality service and meet the expectations of the customers. Also to reach more customers around the world.


The general objective of the project is to develop and design a website that will meet the needs of the Kularts Enterprise and the customers. Through the development of Online Clothing Customization System for Kularts Enterprise the study aims to achieve the following:
1. To design and develop an Online Clothing Customization System for Kularts Enterprise
2. To lessen the time and task that the employee of Kularts is doing on their daily jobs.
3. To have an effective and ease of user interface that will affect customer to purchase the Kularts customized products on the Online Clothing Customization System.


The developed system “Online Clothing Customization System” incapable of customizing products like T-shirt, Jackets and other products that Kularts Enterprise offers. The developed system has two types of user privileges which are the administrator’s account and user’s account. The administrator’s account is able to manage design templates, product items, product prices and viewing the customers’ orders and bestselling products. And also for adding, modifying and deleting products. The user’s account is able to view the products, prices and also customize the design of the product they choose to order. User’s account can also add and subtract the quantity and change the color of the products that the user is going to order. Since the system is specifically used for customization of clothing the system doesn’t have an inventory of sales.

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