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A Proposed Computerized Payroll System Essay Sample

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A Proposed Computerized Payroll System Essay Sample

1. Introduction Learning about computer can be like learning how to ride a bike and drive a car. Can you still remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike and drive a car? Learning these computer skills changed your life forever and opened up new horizons. Once you have invested the time to master these, you will never go back to the old ways. The new technology is simply too convenient and too powerful. Technology development through the years has enabled us to do more with less effort. We have continuously looked for better ways of doing things. Each invention and new development has allowed us to extend our capabilities.

Today, we are witnessing one of the most dramatic technology ever developed – the computer. It extends the capabilities in our minds – the ultimate extension. It is believed that the computers’ level of “thinking” can be compared simply to a muscle spasm. Many computer enthusiasts love gaining information from stored data. Without this machine, people would not be informed with new events and facts. In some manner, computers have saved organizations millions of pesos. They opened new opportunities that would have gone undiscovered or neglected. The computer can multiply what we can do by several factors, and the return on investment is staggering and the growth of computer usage is astounding.

Computer is like a double-edged sword. It has the ability to get us free from mundane activities, but it can also slice deeply into profits, personal privacy, and our society in general. How it is used is not a function of the current technology. It is strictly a function of how people decide to use or misuse this new technology. The choice is within people, and only through the knowledge of computer system when one will be able to avoid the danger while capitalizing on the many benefits of the computer age. 1.1. Importance of the Study  To the company The result of the study would provide a more efficient and effective processing of data. It will also result to a faster and easier generation of outputs. Hence, reports are submitted on time for timely decision making.  To the Researcher The conduct of the study taught the researcher to work independently. He was able to practice his gained knowledge in research and in system analysis and design. 2. Background of the Study Maintaining files of data on transaction is an important part of business and one of the largest areas of computer usage is in business file maintenance.

Files can consist of from a few millions of records, each records containing several items. Large files must be maintained on such storage media as disk or tapes. In order to maintain large files and to search them effectively for specified records or items, the files must be carefully designed with regards to their organization. Any computer, whether it supports video games or an inspected information system, does nothing until directed to do so by a human. Computer does not make decisions, performs calculations or manipulates data without exact, step-by-step instruction. These instructions, which take the form of a computer program are how we tell a computer to perform certain operations. Computer-based information systems pervade almost every aspect of our lives. Their abilities to help solve problem and make decisions make them indispensable on business and management. Computer-based information systems take data as raw material, process the data and produce information as output. While data can sometimes be useful as information which are facts, statistics and other items useful for reporting and decision making. One computer-based system that makes everyone happy is the payroll system. Just about every organization that has employees and a computer maintains a computer-based payroll system.

All computers have certain common characteristics irrespective of their type and size. Computers are not just adding machines, they are capable of doing complex, tedious and monotonous tasks. A computer can store a large amount of data. It can retrieve the information that the users wants in few second. Its accuracy is very high. Errors in hardware can occur but these errors are due to the human factor rather than the technological flaws. Computers can be programmed to perform a series of complex tasks involving multiple programs like payroll system. An office requires many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis particularly in large organizational office. Automation system aid office workers in their daily information processing tasks. Personal and organizational data are processed, calculations performed and documents are created, stored or printed for management reference purpose. 3. Objective of the Study This study seeks to meet the following objectives. 1. To study the organizational structure, history, functions and objectives, policies, systems and procedures, duties and responsibilities of each personnel concerned of the company. 2. To determine the benefits of payroll system both to the employee and the administration.

3. To familiarize the research with the process flow of the present system. 4. To determine whatever is the problem in the processing of data in the present system. 5. To propose a computerized payroll system for the company. 6. To develop and implement the proposed system. 4. Procedure 1. Observation To gather more information the researcher made use of personal observation which suffice the needed information for the development of the system. 2. Interview In the process of getting the needed information for the study, the researcher decided to have a personal interview with the cashier. 5. Findings Based from observation and interview, the researcher found out that the cashier has hard-up preparing the monthly payroll for the employee of the Isabela State University, San Mariano Campus. He even exerted more time and effort unlike the one click output process.

Therefore, the researcher believes that the proposed system will be more systematic, easier to store and retrieve data that is more accurate. The researcher makes this study for the enhancement of the present system which spells more progress when it comes to speed and accuracy. This proposed system is more effective rather than the existing system. 6. Recommendation The researcher confidently recommends the proposed payroll system in order to reduce the errors that had been encountered by the users. Moreover, the proposed system will provide an easier, fast and more accurate way of computing the payroll. It also lessens the time spent in processing the transaction, provide printed reports on time but most especially secure the records of the employee.

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