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Introduction of TOPIC

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Robert Frost
Fence between neighbors implies that each can maintain their own privacy. When people become complacent of each other’s privacy or wishes then ill feelings can occur. If one neighbor has the run of the others yard, there is always the chance that the one might do something against the other’s wishes, this does not imply that it is done to irritate its neighbor on purpose but there is a chance.

A fence between properties will eliminate the chance that they will trespass into something that they do not want to share with each other. This is not also just about a physical fence, it also means that neighbors should not have free run of the knowledge of each other’s lives and what goes on in each other’s household. There has to be boundaries in all relationships which would constitute a fence. Fences should be low enough to allow communication between neighbors while keeping some things out, not a stone wall between each other that allows for no communication. (http://fencehistory.blogspot.com/) A fence literally means a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. The word fence comes from the Middle English word “fens,” short for “defens,” which means defense.

No one can really trace up where and where begin. Fences do more than provide a physical function; they actually have a cultural function. In fact, the history of civilization is closely tied

with the history of the fence. Human civilization is imagined as emerging from agriculture, family,

and property and all of these evolved with the serious help of the fence.

While no one knows the name of the inventor of this technology, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who writes about social contracts, wrote “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land said, ‘this is mine’ and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. The fence help institutionalize one of the most important elements of the social contract- the collective recognition of private property. Fence is a key understanding of the idea of private property. It defines ownership.

In ancient times fences are used for defense. It was an important factor in developing agriculture, and the cultural understanding of private property. Today, fences are used as a security barrier to keep people and animals in or out. A definition of property lines, an augmentation of the appearance of a home or other building, a safety device for children, a shield for privacy and a barrier to noise. (Dr. Christina Kotchemidova, 2007)

The goals of this project are to give safety, privacy, boundary, beauty to the property. It is eight point five meters long and has a height of two point two meters perimeter fence.
The expected project completion time is 13 days and with an estimated cost of Php 20, 500.00.

Project objectives
The primary purpose of this project is for protection from trespassers. Nowadays there are lots of incidents involving home robbery especially when no one is in the house.
Secondly, it is for privacy. Almost all wants to have a quality time, a quite time with their family and keep some things within the members of the family. Lastly, it is for beautification and property boundary. A fence adds to the appearance and value of a property. It is also for the owner to know the border of its property.

Project description
The proposed project is an eight point five meters long perimeter fence. It is situated in front of the house for no fencing is needed form its back and two sides for its neighboring properties are already fenced. It is concrete one meter from the ground and one point two meters from the concrete up is made up of interlink wires for view and good air flow.

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