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Presenter: Good morning and welcome to H.C.F.M. On the show this morning I shall be talking to jack, the schoolboy who was amongst a number of boys dramatically rescued from an uninhabited island in the Pacific.

How did you feel on the island with out any adults?

I felt like a weight had been lifted off my back. No one telling me something was wrong, no one to tell me what to do. I would be in charge. Sure at the beginning I was a bit scared but I also felt happy. Another good thing about no adults. But no ralph had to tack that hope from me he wanted it all for himself

Jack, what do you have to say about the disaster and the three boys that were killed? Jack: Jeff have you ever been stranded on an Island where everyone was afraid a monster would get them? I gave them some one to believe in, someone to lead them. Simon he had no business running about like that in the dark and Piggy, he asked for it him and his glasses, if you ask me his glasses were the only good thing about him and we took them so he was little more then a bag of flesh. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Piggy had nothing I could use and he just took up space, I had to get rid of the weed.

Presenter: But what about the third kid.

Jack: That littlune was an accident everyone was responsible for that.

Presenter: Do you regret what you did to Simon, Piggy and due to the parents wishes we could not name the third child.

Jack: Only that now I’m now in a juvenile detention centre because all of those Kids held me responsible. My family doesn’t visit and I have no friends.

Presenter: But you were able to do the radio show.

Jack: I wanted to get my version out to the public, I wanted to tell the public the truth. I heard what Ralph said last week. When we left the island those kids deserted me for what a paragraph in a paper and chance at fame. And Ralph he got to meet the queen I got to meet some twat who thinks he’s god because he wears a wig.

Presenter: So what was it you were most afraid of on that desert island

Jack: When we arrived

I was worried that we would never be found but as it went on I worried we would be found. To go back

no normal after experiencing the hunt and the thrill of having your own tribe to do what you want they had no thoughts of there own and if they did I would beet it out of them. They were my slaves but those outcastes piggy and Ralph they were different they could not stop me but they were a pain in the ass

Presenter: So why did you kill them.

Jack: I had no choice, they undermined me, if they had lived then I wasn’t truly leader. They I knew it would be us or them and me and my hunters had no intention of letting them win. Besides we hated them they thought they were better then us just because they had a shell and we actually did something not just lie around waiting for a ship we waited for no one but us we were a team they were not.

Presenter: Ok so I heard from Ralph there was a beast. What was this evil creature that he spoke of last week, and why did he look pale when I asked him?

Jack: The beast was not in our heads it was real. it tried to attack us sometimes but we beat it, there was a beast. It had a horrible face that had two freakish eyes that stared in to your soul and invited you to hell. It is still on its island prowling slaughtering. The pigs were his minions his gift, they are the apples that cast us out of Eden. I know what it craved, it did not feast on meat alone. But we weren’t stupid, we prepared, we made spears, we got a strong hold were we could kill it before it had a chance. We built our muscles and we always had a guard. In case the beast could not be killed we gave it offerings to leave us the head of a pig after every hunt so it would not got Hungry for human meat.

Presenter: Right so who were your friends.

Jack: My friends were the hunters, the strong like me I cared not for Ralph and piggy’s little friendship. Ralph could have been my friend but he was foolish and weak.

Presenter: So I have heard all of Ralph’s rules and read somewhere that you promised fun and meat and who can resist that but did your gang have any rules or punishments you would like to tell us and what happened if they disobeyed them

Jack: Just a few, no fighting unless permitted, everyone has to work no one Is allowed to reject being the pig. But the most important one everyone has to obey me. They got beet with sticks if they disobeyed me and only a few disobeyed me.

Presenter: So did you ever envy Ralph at all did you ever wish you were him so you could have lead from the start and maybe do a better job then him.

Jack: Yes I wanted to be leader at the beginning in stead of Ralph but what can I do now. If I was the leader at the beginning then we wouldn’t have had any trouble. I would have told the littluns to get wood for the fire. Piggy could have kept his rotten glasses Ralph well, could have been at my side and we could have kept that island to going to hell but Ralph was scared and selfish he wanted it all for him.

Presenter: Well that’s interesting. Hmmm if you could have picked one item to if you could have one very unlikely thing to have happened what would you want.

Jack: Can I have a plane full of gorgeous women

Presenter: (Laughing while in speech) no of course not.

Jack: Well I would have to say a tribe that for some unlikely reason decides to worship me like a god.

Presenter: Good answer.

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