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1.The setting of the story is the mid-1900s in a small apartment in a Chicago Tenement. The story is taken place in this small apartment which is described and by its description the reader is able to recognize that the family lives there because they are poor and being poor is what causes them to have problems. 2.The characters are not stereotypes because when they were put through harsh situations they did what wasn’t expected. Even though Walter was portrayed as only caring about money, he rejected the money that Mr. Lindner offers him. Also, Ruth doesn’t have the abortion, and realizes that this new child is bringing hope into the world. 3.Ruth and Walter tend to argue very much even though they love each other. Ruth is not very open with Walter and is afraid of telling him that she is pregnant. Walter gets mad at Ruth because she does not take his side about buying the liquor store. The cause of their problems is the consistent denial that has been set on their dreams. Later in the play, their relationship is reestablished and they begin to get along better.

4.Mama views Walter as immature and does not believe he takes good decisions and that is why she doesn’t trust him. That is why she opposes Walter’s idea of investing on a liquor store. Walter is really upset with this and causes him to have conflicts with his mother and he feels that he isn’t understood. Mama finally feels she can trust her son when Walter rejects Lindner’s money. 5.Beneathea and Walter fight constantly; they don’t support each other’s dreams, and often scorn each other’s dreams. Beneathea doesn’t have any high hopes for her brother and doesn’t respect him even though he works to sustain her and also help her pay her tuition. 6.Travis sleeping in the living room sofa and having to carry grocery bags in order to earn some money shows how bad his family condition is, but despite this, he is a symbol of hope because he is receiving n education that his father was not able to obtain. 7.

8.Both Bennie and Walter have drams. Bennie wants to become a doctor and Walter wants to become a rich business man. They differ in that they have different methods of making these dreams come true. Bennie goes to college and is well educated, but Walter wants to invest money on a business and make fast money. Bennie is ambitious and she views herself as independent which she is not because she relies on her mother and brother’s money to keep up with her tuition. Walter views himself as the man of the family, yet he doesn’t really pay attention to the problems of the family. Both Bennie and Walter tend to only think about themselves without taking into consideration the effects of their actions on their family. They don’t think they have much in common but they do. 9.Both Asagai and George believe that America is a passage to new opportunities that will help them accomplish their goals.

Asagai comes from Nigeria and is the only one from his village who has had a high level education. George on the other hand comes from a wealthy family and has always had things the easy way. Asagai has had to surpass many barriers in order to fulfill his dream and that is why he understands that there barriers for people who seek new opportunities. They also hold an interest for Bennie but they have very different ways of showing it. George tends to compliment Bennie on her physical looks and thinks it is absurd that she will become a doctor. Asagai lets Bennie know that he likes her by also complimenting her but he also scolds her and helps her settle her inner emotions by helping her look for her identity. 10.

11.The one responsible for Walter’s situations is himself because he always finds a way to argue with the members of his family, he doesn’t listen to them so that they can understand him, and he only thinks about himself. He thinks about getting rich quick that he doesn’t realize that he will get his money, which his family needs, stolen. 12.No, because it is clearly shown that there are problems in the family and these problems are caused by the lack of money that there is and also because the family doesn’t have communication between each other. They are always portrayed as fight and disagreeing with each other. 13.Ruth’s pregnancy was included as a symbol of a new life that was to come and bring hope. When Ruth announced her pregnancy to Walter, the reader was also able to get an insight of Walter’s, Ruth’s, and Mama’s character. 14.The main character in the play Walter because he struggles with himself and it is that struggle that sets up most of the plot. 15.Walter’s dream is to become a rich business man. Beneatha’s dream is to become a doctor. Asagai’s dream is return to Nigeria and to help bring positive chance and advancements.

My dreams for the future is to go into the medical field, begin to work on my field of study, and buy a house for my grandma. 16.I think the story is believable because it portrays how many African Americans were living during the mid-1900s. The setting of the small apartment and the fact that whites didn’t want the Youngers living in their community is realistic because of their racism. Walter portrays a character that wants to be rich like many people would want to, he also wines about what he doesn’t have and that is a characteristic that humans do. The talk about receiving the check and what would be done with that money brings out the human nature of each character, even the young Travis. 17.I think Walter would tell his friend about the change that occur in him and that he realized that he should have thought primarily on his family rather than being greedy and only think about his benefits.

Walter would talk about how he rejected the money and how that marked a new beginning for him because it represented that he was becoming more mature. He would also talk about his children, especially the one that Ruth was pregnant of and how she wanted to get rid of the baby and how he didn’t say anything. 18.Being successful means that a person has fulfilled his or her goal on something. These goals do not only benefit you but it also makes others look up to you and by you becoming a role model. When a person has achieved success others become proud of him or her. Success makes a person get filled with joy because the person feels powerful and demonstrates to have the capability to do anything he or she may want to. 19.See next page

20.After the Youngers moved to Clybourne Park; Mama was able to finally grow her garden, Travis got his own bedroom, and the Youngers fought against the racial discrimination of their white neighbors together. I think Walter began to get along with his family and he began to listen to them and they began to listen to him. He also might have got a better job. Ruth continued being the house wife she was, yet this time she was actually happy with her life and didn’t feel there was anything missing. Bennie began to have respect for her brother and she also began to be thankful that he had been able to pay for her schooling.

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