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How many of you are scared of changed? I’m sure there are many of you that are scared of change; in one way or another. I know that I was terrified of changing anything in my life that I thought to be normal to anything different. Nevertheless; one glorious day after spending time with a friend, and her telling me what was going wrong every day in her life. After she had left my home, I then knew that I needed to change an extremely important aspect of my life.

So on the cold December night; that pretty much described my life as I knew it too a T. Just the very thought of what had been happening too this very beautiful and intelligent young lady was in fact what I was dealing with. Long story short; her boyfriend of over 3 years was an addict and very abusive towards her. On a daily basis he beat on her and threw her in to walls and broke her down emotionally. Finely on day it had dawned on her that this wasn’t right or the way that she intended to live her life. She wanted better for herself and the innocent unborn baby that she was in her womb; so she did what she never thought that she could do she called the local police department to have him arrested and taken out of her life. A few months later she gave birth to a wonderful health baby.

I was also in a very troubling relationship; I was smacked around and always seemed to have a new bruise to try to cover up. After hearing from her I knew that I needed to make a change and make that change fast before this got even worse. I got rid of the guy that was beating on me. I spent a few months cold and alone and scared of what would happen next, but you know what I had to take a risk and jump out of what I was used to for something better. A different type of male; no more going for the bad boys that I was always known for dating, they seemed to always be the ones that were hurting me and putting they hands on me in ways that were not respected. So one evening while on myyearbook.com a profile came across my screen of what seemed to be a nice gentleman that sent me a friend request. I accepted; so as the night turned into day light still talking away. I found out that change really wasn’t as scary as I was making it out to be in my head. Months later we were happy married. And now to this day we have a wonderful sweet loving little boy together and getting ready to have our second anniversary.

So reality is taking a risk just might pay off; it might not be in this manner, it could be anything. So please don’t be scared to change your own life for the better; you might just love that change that you made. I know I did. Because now I have a wonderful husband that would do anything for me and our son.a

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