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In A Rose for Emily, the narrator shows us the life of a woman who has gone through so many hardships and how she tries to live her life ignoring all of her problems. The story is about a woman, Emily Grierson, trapped in her traditional ways while the outside world is changing all around her. Even after her father’s death, she refuses to bury him and puts up a fight before surrendering his body to the town. It is evident that she has a hard time letting go of things and this is the main reason why she ends up murdering her love, Homer Barron. She senses that he is going to leave her and she does not want to be alone like she used to be after her father’s death. The story is not about a woman who selfishly kills her love, but about the real life story of a woman who has lived a dreadful life and why she has come to the decision to commit murder. This is one of the reason I have empathy for Emily. She was lonely and has nothing left in her life,having an over protective father, heartbroken, and judged by the town. After everything that happen to Emily, I understand why here actions her so extreme. This is why I truly empathize with Emily and here actions.

In the town of Jefferson, Emily, an old woman, who has lived there her entire life should have friends and family; however, this isnot the case. She is as lonely as ever. When Emily was growing up it was just Emily and her dad. Although Emily was very wealthy, she was lonelyperson as she grew up. In addition, she could not get married to anyone. Emily’s father thought the suitors were not good enough to marry his daughter from such a high class. He would chase them off with a whip. Emily lives her life under her father. After living like this for so many years, Emily is left with nothing after her father dies. Due to that fact that her father has driven all the men who wanted to enter her life, she is left alone after her father’s death. Her father affects her attitude towards men. Therefore, she isolates herself from others because she is used to living under her father, which causes her to become lonely. Emily does not go out for some time after her father’s death until she meets a man named Homer Barron. They are together for a long time and everyone in town thinks that they will be married soon. However, he leaves her just like her father.

Emily was so lonely; she was ready to do anything. Therefore, she plots a murder against him, which she succeeds. And he never leave until she dies. I emphasize with her because she was so lonely. In the town, the townspeople were glued to old ways that did not change or step up to help Emily. They did nothing to help her. In additionto being lonely, her father was overly protective. Emily could not love whomever she wanted. Additionally, the writer explains how Mr. Grierson is over protective manner stunts Emily’s personal growth. As the last symbol of the Old South, Emily’s father trains her to be a sort of ‘hereditary obligation upon the town’. This elegance develops Emily’s social unawareness, which becomes the reason that she does not relate to the people in her surrounding community. Faulkner further explains her singleness comes from her father’s dissatisfaction of young men. To Emily’s father, no one is quite good enough for his daughter, never allowing her to marry. Because she never learns how to love, Emily contains herself at home and does not love anyone until her father dies. Further, because she does not know how to love someone else than her father, she would neither admit her father’s death nor gives up his dead body. Leaving Emily as an outsider, controlling and limiting the town’s access to her true identity by remaining hidden. The house that shields Emily from the world suggests the mind of the woman who inhabits it: shuttered, dusty, and dark.

The fact that he sheltered his daughter all of those years hinder from a regular life. It made her stay to herself and become the negative talk of the town. Mr. Grierson controlled Emily, and after his death, Emily temporarily controls him by refusing to give up his dead body. She ultimately transfers this control to Homer, the object of her affection. Unable to find a traditional way to express her desire to possess Homer, Emily takes his life to achieve total power over him Also, I empathize with because she was heartbroken. Emily’s misplaced obsession with love drives her insane. She never had love. After her father’s death, a love comes to Emily for the first time. However, Emily’s affair with Homer Barron is scandalous to conservative southerners, since Homer Barron symbolizes the north. He works with black people and remarks himself that he likes men, so he cannot be accepted as a lover for Emily. However, Emily does not bother to care about what anyone says when she loves Homer. Because of her being obsessed with love, she poisons Homer to always have a companion when Homer tries to leave. Emily’s fear of being lonely and loss of love corners her into insanity.

She buys wedding materials to make her dream come true, the dream that her father never allowed for her. With Homer’s dead body, she decorates a room for a bride: rose colored curtain and rose-shaded lights. People find out that Emily has been sleeping with Homer’s dead body when they notice the indentation of a head in the pillow that is next to Homer’s body. By her bizarre behavior, Emily wishes to have a true relationship with people, and she finally finds one with Homer’s dead body since it does not judge her as a monument. She wanted to be love and have someone to talk to. Moreover, takes Homers life to achieve total power over him In this story, the townspeople are always judging Emily. She had no one in which to converse. They never stepped in to actually help her or give her encouraging words. Also, they never approved of her relationship with Homer, cluck their tongues at the fact that she accepts Homer’s attentions with no firm wedding plans. After she purchases the poison, the townspeople conclude that she will kill herself. The townspeople are fascinated with Emily. Her family has been prominent in the town, and so Emily was watched and wondered about her whole lifeshe has celebrity status. Moreover, because of her high class she is never a person most can talk to and understand.

Emily actually has very little to do with the town, but the town is always scrutinizing her actions when she is spotted. The town feels that she is “an idol in a niche…dear inescapable, impervious, tranquil and perverse”. When Miss Emily shocks them by dating Homer, they are divided in how they react. Some can understand because her father kept suitors away, feeling that they were not good enough for her. Others, are upset, she above all, should never date a commoner, and a Yankee. The actions that Emily took were only to keep her from being lonely. She did not have anyone and the town was not trying to talk to her; that made Emily want someone to be with to just as much. The actions she took were to insure she is never left alone.

In conclusion,this story has achieved its goal in showing us that this is a rose for Emily. Meaning that Emily deserves a rose because, her life was so lonely, heartbroken, overly protected, and judged by the townspeople. After everything that happen to Emily, I understand why here actions her so extreme. This is why I truly empathize with Emily and here actions. Emily only wanted to be loved and be able to talk to someone. She was judged extremely too hard by the townspeople that never really said anything to her. When the town’s people came to her funeral, they just wanted to see the inside of her home, not to morn. This was the rose, someone to tell her real life and to show us that she was not a pathetic old woman, but were driven by her father and her lover to act the way she did. The literary elements were crucial in the way that if they were different, we would not feel the same way for Emily.

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