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The sun shone causing a transparent beam from the huge, view fulfilling airport windows. There was a satisfying hymn in the clean breezy air, and the excited chatter amongst the small children made an already existent smile even more meaningful.

Adnaan was getting very impatient now. He was walking quickly from one side of the corridor to the other. He was feeling agitated and had an uneasy feeling inside of him. The plane had not yet arrived.

“At last”

He sighed as he watched her elegant steps hoping she might see him, however she did not. She was looking the other way, also seeking for her beloved. Adnaan rushed quickly as he was only seconds away from his fianc�e. Aaliyah turned around with one of her most brightest smiles, with happiness readable in her tanned face. They shared a long passionate kiss, and Adnaan complimented her with a great bunch of dark red roses, kissing her passionately again afterwards. What a lovely couple they made.

They drove in their small car, searching for their hotel in the nearby distance. Aaliyah noticed her finger was bleeding

“Oh, dear, a thorn of a rose has found its way to hurt me” she cried

She opened the side window of their car and stuck out her left hand out of the vehicle, leaving little red drops in the snow, covering the field they were passing by.

Finally, they have reached their hotel, looking forward to having some time just for themselves. Surprisingly the receptionist alleged that there was no room booked for them and, unfortunately there were no vacancies. The disappointed couple tried their luck in the other hotels which were in their surroundings, yet they had no satisfactory answer.

Adnaan had a deep look at his sweet-hearth’s finger, it was still bleeding, however, Aaliyah insisted she was alright.

Having spent almost the whole night looking for somewhere to rest their exhausted bodies at, they reached a cosy Bed and Breakfast with one double room vacant. Tired from the long journey, they just took of their clothes and lay in bed, Aaliyah resting her head on Adnaans chest, perfectly safe, Adnaan embracing her tenderly. Both fell asleep quickly, not thinking about Aaliyahs bleeding finger at all.

As Adnaan woke up in the morning as the first one, as usual, he kissed his honey’s forehead smoothly to wake her up. However, Aaliyah was still asleep.

‘She looks so sweet! Here lies my reason of living, my whole world!’, whispered Adnaan quietly. His mimic changed quickly with a horrific glance at the duvet, it was soaked with Aaliyahs blood. He tried to feel her pulse, and put his head on her chest, hoping to hear her heart thumping, it was silent. His love was gone for good.

He lied down on his bed. The sun was shining through the blades of his blinds. Besides the desk was a cabinet were he stuffed all things in and which seemed to burst open at a moment’s notice.

Then he looked at the shotgun lying on the floor with which he just had shot himself.

He closed his eyes. He and his love would now be together forever.

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