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A Summary on Death Penalty Essay Sample

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A Summary on Death Penalty Essay Sample

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that the death penalty should be nationally legal. Central Ideas: Share the benefits of death penalty by explaining some of the basics, providing you with some statistics, sharing stories with you of some people who have been executed, argue the biggest conflicts affecting this debate, and explain how executions are punishment and a safety precaution. Introduction

I. A family of four returns home after spending time on vacation together. The family walks into their house and is welcomed home with a gun in their faces. The father and the two boys are beaten and shot and the mother is tied up, beaten, raped, and then, too, murdered. When the man who murdered this family was captured by local police, the public found out that he had already served 15 years of a life sentence after killing his own half-brother. Though many citizens wanted this man to be executed, it was not legal because there is no death penalty in North Dakota. Instead, tax payers and spending their money to keep this man alive with a firm roof over his head and three meals a day in a prison. II. The issue of a death penalty is argued nation-wide, even world-wide today. III. After all my research I, too, have come to the conclusion that there should a death penalty throughout the entirety of our country. IV. Today I would like to share with you the benefits of death penalty by explaining some of the basics, providing you with some statistics, sharing stories with you of some people who have been executed, argue the biggest conflicts affecting this debate, explain how executions are punishment and a safety precaution, and tell you what you can do to make a difference.

I. BASICS: First you must understand some basics about the death penalty. A. Another name for the death penalty is capital punishment. B. The death penalty has been used as a means of punishment throughout history dating to times before Jesus. C. In 1976, the Supreme Court overruled a previous proposal and declared that the death penalty was constitutional. D. The Death Penalty Information Center states that there are 33 death penalty states and 17 non-death penalty states as of last Wednesday. [Now that you understand the basics, I’d like to provide you with some statistics about the death penalty.] II. STATISTICS:

E. While researching the death penalty I was absolutely shocked at the amount of time being focused on the number of murderers being executed. i. Rarely did the research tell you of the number of victims these murderers took before being placed on death row. ii. For the 1,000 people executed there were 2,600 victims meaning that each executed inmate killed on average about 3 people. iii. 2,600 people were the actual victims while the family and friends lives were also changed by these murder’s actions. F. The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney shows that all types of people are on death row including male and female, white, black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian. The graph shows you that the majority of inmates are white. G. Dudley Sharp, the Death Penalty Resources Director, claims that there is a 6:1 ratio of white versus black on death row and a 4:1 ratio of white victims versus black victims. This proves the opponent’s allegations of a racist death penalty to be false. [Now that you have heard some statistics I would like to tell you stories about a couple of men that were executed.] III. STORIES: Charmaine Hall, a professor at University of California, illustrates a couple of the thousands of murder stories for us. H. The man on the left was Kenneth Lee Boyd.

He murdered his wife when they were having problems and her father. Kenneth murdered the two in front of his three kids aged 10, 12, and 13. He was executed for his crime. I. The man on the right was Robert Lee Willie. Robert and a friend kidnapped a 17 year old girl and beat her and raped her in the woods. After they stabbed her multiple times they proceeded to rape the body more. Robert was also executed. J. The girl on the left’s name is Cary Ann Medlin; she was a Christian girl who loved ballet and pink. One day a man kidnapped her and brought her back to his house. The man is pictured on the right and his name was Robert Glen Coe. He raped the eight year old girl and when she began to repeat over and over “Jesus loves you” to Robert, he became enraged and murdered the girl. Robert Glen Coe became the 1,000th person to be executed since 1976. K. These stories and many more show that not just anyone is put on death row. One must truly be a terrible person to be sentenced to death. [Now that you have heard the stories of some men that were executed, I’d like to provide information on some of the biggest arguments against the death penalty.]

IV. INNOCENCE AND CRUELTY: The leading arguments in the death penalty debates include fear of executing an innocent man and the cruelty of execution/ L. The biggest argument leading the debate of the death penalty right now is the fear of executing someone who is innocent of the crime. iv. Jay Aronson, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, explains how DNA testing has become so advanced that it is becoming harder and harder to accuse the innocent of a crime they did not commit. v. He also explains how trials with the desired punishment to place the accused on death row has far more extensive testing to make sure that they have the right culprit and are not accusing an innocent person. M. Another large argument is that many believe it is cruel and inhumane to put the accused on death row. vi. Why should we treat these murderers with such resect when they did not respect those around them and voluntarily chose to kill another human being? vii. A murderer can be sentenced to life in jail, which only means that they are sent to jail for 25 years per murder. viii. A person on death row already receives more than they should because they get a chance to say their last goodbyes and write up wills.

This is more than was offered to their victims before they killed them. [Now that I have covered the main arguments against the death penalty I’d like to tell you how the death penalty can to a punishment and a safety precaution.] V. PUNISHMENT AND SAFETY PRECAUTION: Execution would serve as a punishment inflicted by the government as well as a safety precaution to put many minds at ease and provide peace to the victim’s families N. Many claim that the government taking a human beings life is immoral, but the government has given each and every person a chance to do as they see fit with their lives. ix. The murders have chosen to take a person’s life and it is the government’s job to bring justice to this heinous crime by punishing the murders. x. The only punishment that remains satisfactory for murder is too execute them O. If the person sitting next to you killed a member of your family would it be justice if he or she spends only 25 years in prison? xi. Families of the victims are reminded every day of their tragic loss of family members or friends. xii. With the murderer being executed the family has a better chance of moving on peacefully knowing that the murder isn’t going to harm anyone else ever again and that justice was served. [Now you may be wondering, “What can I do about this?”]

VI. You can make sure that these murders aren’t going to ever kill again and provide peace to the families of the victims in many ways. P. Be an active participant in your community decisions. Q. Make sure to debate your side of opinion on the death penalty. R. Remember to vote when options to abolish the death penalty arise in Nevada or whenever you live. S. If you have a strong position then fight for what you believe in! Conclusion

I. In conclusion,
II. The death penalty is not racist because the majority of people on death row are white, and it is the government’s responsibility to inflict punishment on those who commit crimes. III. Make sure that men like Robert Glen Coe and Robert Lee Willie pay for their heinous crimes vote yes to the death penalty.


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