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In the beginning of this video it’s a story about a transgender female that gets killed by some guys after they found out that the “girl” they had sexual interactions with was actually born a male. Unfortunately transgenders being abused in any way is very common in today’s society; fifty percent of transgenders get killed or end up killing themselves due to the abuse they receive due to their sexual identity. A majority of the society may not agree or like the idea of transgender people but science on the other hand loves the idea of change in the world and finding out why things work the way they do. Scientist have discovered that during the first trimester is when the sex of the baby develops where the chromosomes are either XX or XY, but approximately one in every one hundred people are what they call “inter-sex condition” which is where you have XXY, XYY, or XO chromosome combination and they cannot determine what sex you are.

That is what happened to Judy, she was born unidentified and her parents decided that she would be a girl and Judy grew up going through operations not knowing what was going on and had no knowledge of her being an intersex child. In Judy’s 20’s she found out that she did not have a set sex identified to her and after time she didn’t feel like being a girl was who she was so she then changed into a man and became Max. In another case there is a young boy named Noah who was born a boy, but ever since he could express himself he enjoys girl things such as dressing up as a girl and likes all things girly. Noah gets picked on a lot by the kids at school and often gets asked questions on how he views himself and he simply responds “I prefer not to answer your question”.

His parents support and love him but hope that when he gets older he changes for his sake of not being abused or bullied. In other cultures around the world they deal with the same situations. In one case a man is married to both a woman and another man, he is married to the woman by day and at night he goes with the man. Some other cultures are more accepting of transgenders and have classifications for them.

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