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‘A View from a bridge’ – Eddie and Beatrice’s Front Room Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I decided to write that the characters were eating meat loaf because it is a traditional American meal.

Beatrice and Eddie are trying their best to persuade Catherine to not marry Rodolpho, because they strongly assume that he only wants to marry their daughter, Catherine, so he could stay in the country, this way, Rodolpho could get a job and earn some money for himself.

Catherine says reassuringly, “I know what I am doing, this man, the man I love, loves me.” This tells the audience that Catherine is positive and she is devoted to Rodolpho. This makes the audience feel that Catherine and Rodolpho are in a strong relationship and that Eddie and Beatrice are wrong for saying that he wants to marry her just to stay in the country. I have written that Eddie is ashamed of his own daughter because she is letting him down by marrying such a villain of a man.

‘He doesn’t love you and never will!’ this makes Catherine feel like she is being used.

She is ‘mortified’ by what Eddie is telling her. This is because Eddie is her own father and she now knows that he does not trust Rodolpho, the man she loves.

Catherine then tells Beatrice and Eddie how she ‘will marry him’, “whether you like him or not I’m going to marry him” which demonstrates that at this part of the scene she is in charge and she is telling them what she is going to do, as if she was the parent in the situation.

However, later on in the scene it is clearly obvious that Eddie is in control as he is rudely interrupts Catherine, giving her no chance to speak, ‘I definitely don’t need him but, but…’ He also demands an answer as to why Catherine changes her mind and says how she ‘doesn’t need him’ but how her baby needs Rodolpho. Catherine then tells Beatrice ad Eddie’s that she is pregnant with Rodolpho’s baby and

that’s why she must marry him. I decided to use this story

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line because nobody guesses that Catherine is pregnant so this comes as quite a shock to the audience as she is Christian and is not married, we know that her family is Christian because of the photograph of the Virgin Mary hanging on the wall, she also repeatedly tells the audience how she loves him and is determined to marry Rodolpho, ‘This is the man I love and I am certain he loves me too!’ when actually, she only wanted to marry him because of the baby.

Further on I write how Beatrice, the calm, loving mother changes her mood and suddenly gets in control of the situation by shouting ‘you go and get Catherine and I’ll sort out Rodolpho’. This must change the audiences’ opinions of Beatrice because from the start of the scene they assume how Beatrice is the quiet innocent one, but at this juncture her character dramatically changes. I then write how Beatrice runs upstairs and starts to look through her draws for what we later find out is a knife that she then wraps up in an old woollen jumper.

Further on I write that Beatrice arrives at Rodolpho’s door demanding to speak to him. I say how a ‘startled young man’ answers the door as Beatrice is loudly bellowing Rodolpho’s name so Marco is quite surprised when he answered the door to Beatrice. Beatrice then fights her way in and runs through the brightly lit corridor to find Rodolpho. When Rodolpho appears from out of the corridor he immediately knows that something is wrong so he tries to calm her down by not shouting back at her. He then asks, “Is there a problem?” I write that Beatrice ‘sarcastically laughs at this’ because from Beatrice’s’ point of view, it is completely observable that there is a problem because of the hysterical way she is acting.

Beatrice pulls out the ‘rusty’ knife from the woolly jumper. I write that it is ‘rusty’ as it is very old and unused; this also signifies the deteriation of her and Eddie’s relationship. She then suddenly stabs Rodolpho sending him straight to the floor. His blood then covers the kitchen floor. I then say how Beatrice says no more to either of them, she just runs to find Eddie and Catherine. This shows the audience that she is frightened and is regretting what she had just done.

When Beatrice finds Eddie and Catherine she tells them to get in the car and tells Eddie to start it up immediately.

My last stage direction is of Beatrice, Catherine and Eddie ‘driving of into the sunset’ because I tried to make it sound like a cliffhanger so people would want to know what happened next.

Finally I write a piece that Alfieri says. It starts by him saying ‘What went wrong?’ I wrote this because it is a rhetorical question that everyone has to think about for themselves. He then says how he is surprised that it was the ‘sweet, polite, Beatrice’, which adds a dramatic twist, this shows that he was very shocked that Beatrice would do such a thing.

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