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Is a publicly traded American company with valuable oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of central West STRAD ENERGY OIL AND GAS, Inc, Has immediate employment opportunities. We intend to invite experienced Individuals/Expatriates or Consultancy firm who are capable of rendering expertise services in various fields of Engineering, Construction and Installation, NDT , Geology, Project Management, Welding and Fabrication, Plant/Start-Up, Maintenance, Mechanical/Technical/Design Engineering, Information Technology, Administrative, Commissioning and Medical Expert E.T.C. ENTITLEMENT, BENEFITS AND PACKAGES: . A very attractive net salary paid in US$, Sterling or Euros equivalent depending on employee home country and currency preference with annual salary review. . Quality single or family housing accommodation (up to 5 people) in company community. . Free medical/dental care in UNITED KINGDOM and other surrounding company countries for employee and family.

Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment. Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel. .Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances. .Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, UNITED KINGDOM and subordinate WEST AFRICA COUNTRIES. .Life Insurance and Paid vacation. .Employees who would not want to remain in the USA office will be granted transfer to the UK or other affected countries. .Official vehicle/Maximum security in work environment and housing community.

Note: All job recruitments are done in the USA offices (STRAD ENERGY OIL AND GAS). ALSO Applicants will be responsible for him/her visa and all other necessary travel documents (company policy), that will enable him/her to come over to his job community (here). We also ensure to stand in favor of your name and plead with the consulate office of the USA High commission to assist you making sure that visa and all the travel documents are issued to you smoothly.

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