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”Abiku” by Wole Soyinka Essay Sample

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”Abiku” by Wole Soyinka Essay Sample

The poem entitled ”Abiku” is a foreign word that suggest a spiritual child,who is coming and going from the world(reincarnating).From the title the title we get to know that ‘Abi’ means to be born and ‘Ku’ means to die,this butresses that we are all born to die and it also shows the inevitability of death.

In the first stanza we hear a(that of Abiku)boasting that no one can stop him from coming and going from the world.From the tone of d Abiku,we get to know that he is addressing his suppose parent.He tells them that they are wasting time by trying to make him stay while he is not ready to stay.In this stanza we can see the futility of life,meaning that man’s effort to avoid death will still be futile and that man is a vain person;since life itself is vanity. Moreso,the tone of the poet personna expresses the vanity of life while the mood is that of pride.”Bangles cast charm circls at my feet”buttresses the imagery of nagativity because in most Africa(Nigerian) bangles are associated with charms.there is a bilical allusion in lines 3-4.The stanza is written in a simple language with complex meaning.This stanza has no rhyming scheme since it treats a very serious subject matter.In conclusion the first stanza introduces us to the second stanza. In the secnd stanza Abiku asked a Rhetorical question that suggest death.He says ”must i weep for goats and coweries For palm oil and sprinkled ash?

Yams do not sprout in amulets to earth Abiku limbs.”meaning that earth is the only place where Abiku can grow,and that all the ritual being performed to make him stay is only but a waste.There is also the theme of vanity since no matter what man does to bribe death he must still die.His tone still expresses pride and lack of pity while is mood is a boastful one.Goats and coweries,palm-oil and sprinkled ash all symbolises the sacrifial element.No rime scheme.

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