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Introduction of TOPIC

Abortion is a very controversial topic. People who agree with abortion believe that the mother has the right to decide whether or not she wants to have a baby. In essence the mother is the person who should have the freedom to have a baby because it is her body. It is also believed that it’s not worth bringing a child into the world if this child is not going to live a happy and stable life.(abortion.html).On the other hand, there are a lot of opinions against the idea of abortion. Many people detest the process because they believe that everyone has the right to live and that the parents have to take responsibility for their actions. The abortion is caused by many reasons, the abortion is a very destructive act or can occur when some teenagers are not ready to take that responsibility when they find out they’re pregnant, so they have an abortion and also because they don’t have sufficient support to get the baby, and take the abortion decision.Abortion is a very strong issue in our society today and has been dealt with in most areas of the world. Some people believe that abortion should definitely be an illegal procedure as you are taking the life of an innocent.(abortion.com).

Others think that it needs to stay legal, otherwise they may be more death

than expected. I believe that having an abortion is a very destructive act as you are killing a baby

who hasn’t even seen the outside world . The only women who should be legally able to have an abortion are those who lives are in danger, have been raped, or who’s baby’s life is in danger(abortion.com). too many babies out there are being killed just because it is convenient for the mother who wants an abortion.When women fall pregnant, it is not always planned. Some woman will have the baby because they were planning to have one eventually anyway and they don’t have any other major worries at the time. For other women and teenagers it could be the worst thing they could do at the time. A child is not easy to look after and they require a big responsibility (abortion.html). Some teenagers are not ready to take that responsibility when they find out they’re pregnant.

So they have an abortion, which is perfectly safe for them to do.Also, one of the big reasons why women take the idea of abortion is the cause of have disappointed his family, many times they feel that when you don’t have support them to the baby, the lack of support of the couple who almost always decides to not take the responsibility for pregnancy and how is the more normal leave the young woman to a world of indecision about the pregnancy, on several occasions this factor is critical in the sense that at the time that are not supported by the boyfriend they have to comply with the wishes of their parents (abortion.com).When they decide that they should abort because ‘’is the best’’ as they just Say that are not yet ready to be parents and have a life ahead which should enjoy and that will be parents later and that they consider that they are still young and are not prepared to have a family(abortion .com).In conclusion I disagree with the abortion, but I think having the baby or not, at the end the mother is the one that is going to take care of him or her (abortionreview.org). But also believe that the women should have a little more responsibility about the situation because with so many methods that exist is absurd that many women become accidentally pregnant.

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