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Should a helpless child die because their parent doesn’t want them? In many cases, a woman will abort because she is not ready, she doesn’t want the child for various reasons, or she was raped. Should a child be punished for the sins of their father? (Anakaren Condado). Abortion should be avoided at all costs because it can lead to higher infertility rates, mothers who had abortions have higher risk of depression, and the child had no chance to survive. Some women have an abortion simply because they are not ready for the responsibilities of raising a child. These women usually want children later in life, but doctors do not tell them they have a higher risk of infertility after the procedure. “The damage to the womb prevented another embryo from attaching” (Joanna Karpasea-Jones). If women are able to conceive, the babies are usually premature with a very low birth weight. Though some doctors debate the risk is only slightly higher, it definitely happens, and some women are left childless, with the memory of a lost child they could have had. “It is very common, after an abortion, to struggle with a feeling of regret, shame, and depression about the choices you made” (Pros and Cons of Abortion).

The women who get depression after an abortion most likely do not realize the attachment they had to the ‘fetus’ they were carrying. Women are not emotionally prepared for the loss of a child. Females of many species experience depression after losing a baby prebirth, because of their inadequate performance of the natural duty of women. This is a subconscious and overlooked by many healthcare professionals. Most likely, women who have had an abortion experience the same emotional and spiritual loss as women who have miscarriages and stillbirths. Although it is miniscule for many women, some feel as though the have killed their baby and have a much more complicated depression. A murder is a serious offense that is not taken lightly. Murder is defined by “illegal killing” (huppi). The United States. including Texas, does not currently find abortion to be illegal. By legal definition, abortion is not murder, but “it is not legal when held to a higher law” (huppi). Why not hold it to the law of humanity?

A human could not take a newborn baby and kill it without repercussions. This is considered murder, even though taking the baby from the mothers arms is safer for a mother than taking it from her womb. It is murder whether the parents want the newborn baby or not. A ‘fetus’ can have a heartbeat as early as 21 day, the cells are dividing rapidly and the mother does not yet know she is pregnant. In the first week most women learn about their pregnancy, the baby has fingers and the heart is in two chambers. Ten weeks later, the final week Texas allows clinical abortions, the baby has produced functioning kidneys, hair, and the baby can even smile. The baby is much more helpless in the womb at sixteen weeks than in the mothers arms as a newborn.

Society has not given these babies a chance to survive and thrive. A woman has many options for an unborn baby nowadays. Many people cannot have children, and adoption is easier for a younger child. A woman can leave her child at a hospital or fire station in many states and the baby will be taken care of. The parents could take the responsibility of their actions and raise the child themselves. Abortion is wrong in many ways and women who may want children in the future, or the guilt or depression of the loss of their child should reconsider their choices.

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