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Kinematics is the branch of mechanics that describes the motion of points, bodies (objects) and systems of bodies (groups of objects) without consideration of the causes of motion. In this experiment, the displacement vs. time graphs and velocity vs. time graphs were plotted, and a graphical analysis was made. The reaction time of each member of the group was computed.

Methodology Activity 3 and 4

In the 3rd Activity (Graphical Analysis of Motion), one of the group members was asked to walk in a straight line for 10 seconds starting from rest. The distance he/she travelled every second was measured. Using Excel the total displacement versus the total time of the member was plotted. The best fit line or curve was drawn. The instantaneous velocity at the end of each time interval was determined. Then the instantaneous velocity versus time was plotted also the best fit line or curve was drawn. The motion of the member was analyzed. In the 4th Activity (Reaction Time), a group member was asked to hold a meter stick vertically at the zero mark while the other group member positioned his/her thumb and index finger at the 50cm mark.

The group member was told to drop the meter stick without telling the other group member. It was caught with the thumb and index finger. The reaction time from the formula is: where h is the distance the meter stick has fallen measured from the 50cm mark to where the meter stick was caught. The other group members also determined their reaction time. The procedure was repeated while the other members are distracting the one who’ll catch the meter stick.


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