Abuse and Its Manifestion with the Health Ans Social Care Setting Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

PHYSCIAL ABUSE: Includes hitting, slapping, scratching, pushing, kicking, and misuse of medication, restraint or inappropriate sanctions. The sign’s of this is marks on the body that can’t be explained also doing what’s done to them to fellow housemates. PSYCHOLOICAL ABUSE: Includes emotional abuse, threats of harm or abandonment, deprivation of contact, humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse, isolation or withdrawal from services or support networks. The signs of this, keep them self to their selves also crying a lot and not talking to others. SEXUAL ABUSE: Includes rape and sexual assault or sexual acts to which the adult has not consented to or couldn’t consent to, or pressed into consenting. Also non- contact abuse such as voyeurism, involvement in pornographic, serious teasing or innuendo. The signs of this is , the person can show that they are severely depressed and feeling suicidal, or touching other people in an sexual manor.

FINANICAL/MATERIAL ABUSE: Includes theft, fraud, exploitation, pressure in connection of wills, property or inheritance or financial transaction or the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits. The signs would be a person looking unkempt with clothes not fitting and looking dirty and having no money to replace them, never having money for anything. NEGLECT/ACT OF OMISSION.: Includes ignoring medical or physical care needs, failure to provide access to appropriate health and social care needs or educational services, the withholding of the necessities of life, such as medication, adequate nutrition and heating. The signs would be the person looking dirty, clothes not washed, lo

sing weight and always been ill, reoccurrence of illness, and not going out any where to places they

used to go. DISCRIMINATORY ABUSE: Includes racial and sexual harassment, discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, or religion, slurs and deliberate exclusion.

The signs of this comes in all forms and can affect you going for jobs, going out to pubs and night clubs, going to college with mixed races and been single out for the colour of your skin. Or not telling people of their sexuality for fear of been judged. As i support valuable adults with learning disabilities, they are open to this forms of abuse as they have no understanding of what is happening to them and will not speak up about this as they put their trust in to support them in ever day life. So this can go on for years, until someone comes along and realises what is happening and speaks up for them. They can be frightened to do so, as the person doing this to them can be a valued member of staff, friendly with everyone and brilliant at the job, so the person would feel that they wouldn’t be taken seriously and not speak out about their abuse. They could feel all alone, and no-one cares and come deeply depressed and become withdrawn from everyone, stop eating and feel that’s it’s too much and take their own lives. So things are put into place and try to prevent abuse from happening, like weekly finance audits and yearly company auditors come in and check that finance are been done and there receipts in place, and the money is not been miss spent.

Also they have in place inventory files and everything that they have and everything that is brought has to be put down. Also there is best interest meeting with families if they have to spend anything over £100. All staff is given training about the forms of abuse, called Adult protection, also staff have to have CRB check done before they start. All staff knows in the advent of witnessing any forms of abuse to report it to line manager immediate. If i had witness any forms of abuse going on, i would report this to my line manager and make a statement, which the manager would report this to social services, police and CQC. The abuser would then be suspended from work and investigation would take place and this could lead to them been put on the POVA list and never to work in social setting again.

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