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Maids are authorized to take good care of our properties. But are they also authorized of hurting our young brothers and sisters or even the acquitted babies? Why they are doing this? And why this incident happens? Wide range of harmful actions which generally affects with the age of babies can be progressed if they don’t handle with good discipline. Abusing a baby is when wrath surrounds a person leads to violence and lack of self-control.

Most of the Filipino hires personal maids for their beloved baby because they’re too busy in their work. But as of now, some people are hard to trust. They toss, roll and flip the baby around like a gymnastic doll. What a pity moment. The baby is too innocent for that moment and does nothing but to cry.

I cannot give justice for anyone who harm baby. Babies are dependent with their parents so they should provide the assurance, love and protection instead of hurting them.
No matter how upset the maid was, she should not take it out with the poor baby.
Those who do this, should be prisoned and have a mean punishment, 15 years in jail and additional 5 years for the second offense.
Never for once, take maids presence for grantable no matter how sweet and good-nature. Be good and be smart in choosing a personal maid. Maybe she appears to be that we never really know what goes on in her mind.

On the first place, parents should be the one who takes care of their baby for them to have quality time and to avoid this kind of incident. But on the other hand, the personal maids should do their duty to take good care of the babies for they are paid right to do that.

Remember, good values and teachings must be exercised by the personal maid to the baby because later in life, it has profound effect in their developmental tasks and progress.

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