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Academic and Educational Outcomes of Children with Adhd Essay Sample

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Academic and Educational Outcomes of Children with Adhd Essay Sample

This article covers the topic of outcomes as it relates to children with ADHD. They address five very important questions that relate to these students. They also discuss and share that research has come up with very few positive solutions that help academic outcomes with those diagnosed with ADHD. My research left me with more questions than answers as I found that there are very divisive opinions surrounding the topic of ADHD and its legitimacy.

This article is focused on the outcomes of children with ADHD with special focus on academic success. It is unfortunate that they end their study with the quote, “ We remain ill informed about how to improve academic and educational outcomes of children with ADHD, despite decades of research on diagnosis, prevalence and short-term treatment effects (Loe et al, 2007).” The writers of this article have a real passion for finding answers for kids who struggle with ADHD. As they were researching these outcomes, they came up with five questions. 1) What are the academic and educational characteristics of children with ADHD? 2) Are academic and educational problems transient or persistent? 3) What are the academic characteristics of children with symptoms of ADHD but without formal diagnosis? 4) How do treatments affect academic and educational outcomes? And 5) How should we design future research to determine which treatments improve academic and educational outcomes of children with ADHD? I found that this article gave me a lot more information about ADHD. It is difficult to do research on issues like this because it is unethical to purposely not treat students that are displaying ADHD behaviors for the sake of research and a control group.

They also opened my eyes to understanding that some children lean more towards the hyperactivity where others struggle more with the inattention. ADHD also is considered a comorbid condition, which means that it can often be found along side of anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior disorders, tics and learning problems. As I researched this topic of ADHD, I was surprised to find a lot of opposition to calling this a “disorder.” I came across various psychiatrists and psychologists that were passionate about not calling a “behavior”, a disease (Szasz, 2011). Many critics say that we are labeling children and thus enabling a self-fulfilling prophecy. As this research is new to me, I am anxious to get in there and really try to understand it. I came across another researcher, Dr. Barkely, on youtube. He was adamant that we cannot afford to have “successful” people saying that they are gifted because of their ADHD. He believed that there was no way that this was true. People may be gifted for other reasons, but not because they have ADHD.

“There is nothing in this disorder that is helpful to a person (Barkely, 2010).” Barkely felt that if we continue to have celebrities saying such things that people will not take it serious and research will not be funded as it should. Finally, Professor Robert Spillanes, a psychologist, reports that ADHD is all just a myth and that we are calling a disorder something that should be considered “childhood.” ‘There is no way, scientific or medical, that a child can be tested for ADHD, there is therefore no way that it can be medically proven. The diagnosis is totally subjective – we can run X-rays for broken bones to provide a definitive and conclusive answer, we can check blood pressure to see if levels are high or low, insulin levels can be monitored to determine whether someone suffers from diabetes – but there is no medical test for ADHD, because it is a behavioral issue (Spillane, n.d.).” I must confess, I did not think that my short bit of research here would lead me to two such opposing views. I can see that this is going to be difficult for me to form an opinion.

I suppose for now, that diagnosis or not, some children do have hyperactive and attention issues and they need interventions and help in academic areas. We cannot simply sit back and say something does not exist when we see the numbers of children that are not producing well in the academic areas because of these issues. The great part about this article was that they began to list some interventions that they thought should be looked at in the schools. 1) Small class size 2) Reducing distractions 3) Incorporating choice making, peer tutoring and computer aide instruction and 4) Alternative methods of discipline. I am excited to dive more deeply into this and try to begin to use my research tools to find good sources to help clear up the confusion. Maybe this will always be one of those topics where people are extremely divided. I think most importantly, we need to be talking with those that exhibit ADHD behaviors and start with interventions one student at a time. I hope to find ADHD adults that can now clearly communicate what worked for them in the classroom and what did not.


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