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This year I experienced some major life changes that caused me to re-evaluate my life. I finalized a lengthy divorce proceeding; I lost my job, and I moved to San Diego, California. These events may have caused some people to feel hopeless, but they motivated me to make some life changes. I enrolled in the BSBA program with a concentration in accounting at Walden University in order to finish the degree I started 8 years ago. I have learned that goal setting is important in order to achieve success in life. For me to attain the future that I see for myself and my family, I set academic and personal goals. In this essay, I will discuss my academic goals and my personal goals. I will also discuss how these goals connect to my degree program. My academic goals are significant to the achievement of some of my personal goals. One personal goal is to start my own accounting firm for small business owners. Before I can achieve that objective, I need to focus on my academic goals.

First, I need to learn to write a college level paper in APA format. In the past, I learned MLA format so to switch the presentation was strange to me. To my benefit, every class at Walden University has writing assignments, which will allow me to practice writing properly. Also, there are numerous resources in the Writing Center to help me achieve that goal. With practice and critiques, I know that I will become a better writer and college level papers in APA or MLA format will be second nature to me.

Secondly, I need to become more proficient at managing my time. The deadlines set forth in my academic program help me stay focused on that goal. Consequently, the deadlines also support another goal; to achieve a grade of B or better in every class. Learning to better manage my time will be a benefit to me academically, professionally as well as personally. In my prior employment, deadlines were extremely important, but I never learned how to manage my time properly. This caused me to have difficulty succeeding at work and equally important at home. As I systematically complete each class, I will work on my ability to meet my deadlines as well as manage my time to include quality time with my family.

Lastly, I need to finish my bachelor’s degree in accounting. With only 10 classes left, I am currently on the road to completing that objective. Using my degree audit as a guide, I will take at least two classes each quarter in order to graduate by December 2013.

In conclusion, although life may take a turn that is different from what we planned, there is always a benefit in goal setting and planning for your future. My academic and personal goals enable me to have a path to follow. My academic goals of learning to write a college level paper, better managing my time, achieving a grade of B or better in every class and obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Walden University are the stepping stones in the path that I have set for my future. Achieving these goals will enable me to fulfill my personal goals of starting an accounting firm and spending quality time with my family. I conclude that my successful completion of these goals will help me to attain the future that I see for myself and my family.

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