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May lead to severe health problems. There are factors that cause academic pressure on students. First are the expectations from our parents. Based from my own experience, my mother is a perfectionist person. She always wants me to be on top ever since I was in my prep stage. She serves as my second teacher since I was in elementary until I finish my high school years. She always taught me when I have assignments and help me with my projects because she wants me to have high grades. And now, I am in college, I don’t want to lose my parents trust. Therefore, all I can do is to study hard and study a lot for me to meet there expectations. Another factor is the competition between you and your classmates. I know all of you want to have high grades higher than your classmates. For you to do that, you are going to spend all your time just to study and study just to beat your classmates.

These are some factors that can cause academic pressure on us students. Now I have some tips to lessen the feeling of being pressured academically. First is you must create a schedule of your priorities and follow it. As the saying goes “If your destination is unclear, you’ll never know if you’ve arrived.” Also, make a list of what you need to accomplish and include a time table for their completion. From time to time check on your progress. You’ll find two things had happened. First, by being organized, you will most likely be able to accomplish more in less time. Second, you will have the feeling of accomplishment for having done what you have set out to do. Both results will reduce the academic pressure you may be feeling.

Almost all of college students want to be enrolled in a prestige University like University of the Philippines. We are very lucky that we are granted the opportunity to study in this kind of institution but there are so many consequences that we have to face for us to survive in this kind of institution. Being a student in this university undergoes different kind of pressure especially academic pressure. Academic pressure is from family or society that cause stress over school and future success. This can cause students to focus on school too much which can lead to severe problems. It can also affect the health of every student which

Second tip start a diary in which you elaborate on the pressures you face. There is nothing so damaging as allowing the pressure to build up within you, because it will inhibit your ability to produce. Also, try putting your feelings on paper works you do to reduce pressure’s effects. Third tip make as many friends as you can and spend time with the people you love and who love you. Make it a point to spend time with them at least once or twice a week. Diversions such as this tend to keep your mind off the stress, besides being enjoyable. Having a mathematician friend will really become a big help to you during your review before your exam. Lastly, during the HELL WEEK do not forget to study and study and study in advance like one week or three days before the exam because cramming will not do to help you pass your exams. Rewriting of your notes really helps while reviewing your lessons.

Do have a full time sleep and especially eat a full meal before you take your exams. Sometimes an incomplete sleep and meal may lead to headaches or stomachaches. This are some tips which can help you to reduce the academic pressure you are experiencing right now. I hope that you will do also what I did to become free with the pressure I experienced before. Academic pressure is one of the pressures being experienced by a student. I learned that it can be avoided or lessen by studying hard and go with the flow or just “HAVE FUN UNDER PRESSURE”.

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