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Democracies are the best form of govt. which respects differences and evolve a mechanism to negotiate differences. Eg:- BELGIUM Democracy provides freedom and equality to everyone in the country. So,every people of ant caste ,creed ,religion etc can live happily without fearing attacks from other caste or religion. This proves that democracy is the most suited to accommodation of social diversity .now take the case of LAGOS,NIGERIA . Here the concept of democracy and diversity is undergoing a remarkable renaissance. In the field of political theory, this concept is currently seen –if well mane aver as potential to overcome some of the main theoretical and political statements in any society. Democracy and diversity is central to discussion of open political space, rule of law, human rights, marginalism , resource control. The need for an appropriate institutional arrangement for political accommodation of social diversity in a democratic setting has in no little measure become more imperative today. Now, come to india , after independence the constitution makers made two radical provision , which were to frame India’s destiny in the right direction.

1)The first provision was to give the right to vote to every adult citizen of this country. Many experts in those days laughed at the idea giving . The reason given was highly illiterate population was not fit to use the right , judiciously. 2)The second provision was to give reservation to the scheduled castes & scheduled tribes to include them in the mainstream of the life the nation. These two provisions helped to grow the level of political awareness amongst the people of hinterland . In fact, it took hundreads of years of developed countries like US and UK to provide voting rights to women. And the disheartening fact is that till none of the women could become the President of USA. If we compare this situation with India, which is better -India or US? Flashback your memory to 2002 elections’ results . To quote it in a simple way “In a Hindu majority nation a Muslim President was administering oath of office to a Sikh Prime Minister who was chosen for the job by a Catholic women” This statement should make every Indian proud of its rich diversity and the respect for diversity which majority of its citizens have imbibed over a period of time.

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