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Hand in one electronic copy through TURNITIN and one printed copy through the SAO. Follow the layout as provided in your disse, and abstract) that precede the main text with lower case Roman numerals beginning with i. Put page numbers in the right-hand corner. • Number the main text consecutively beginning with Arabic numeral 1 in the right-hand corner. Check your dissertation to ensure that all pages are present and in numerical order. • Number appendices consecutively with the text, continuing the Arabic numeral sequence. Print: Print your dissertation on a laser printer. (Some high quality ink jet printers may be acceptable). The printer must produce output that meets all format and legibility requirements. Common flaws are: smudges, copy lines, specks, missing pages, margin shifts, slanting of the printed image on the page, and poor paper quality.

• Black print with a sharp, dark image
• Single-sided (print on one side) pages
• Double-space the body of the dissertation
• Use 10 to 12 point type.
• Lengthy quotations, footnotes, and bibliographies may be single-spaced with a double space between entries or paragraphs.
• Maps, charts, etc. are acceptable

Scanning and mounting: You can scan photographs, tables, and graphs onto dissertation quality paper. Scan or photocopy photographs into your manuscript. Do not “glue” or mount photographs into the copy of your dissertation Do not number the title page. The title page must be double-spaced.

Accounting & Finance Field Front Sheet

NB. This sheet must be attached to any submission of Accounting & Finance field module coursework made to the Student Assessment Office. No assignment will be accepted without it.

Checklist before submission

1. Have you read, understood and acted in accordance 3with the referencing guidelines set out in the appropriate Accounting & Finance Module Guide.

2. Where you have quoted directly from or where you have paraphrased the work of others, have you acknowledged and appropriately referenced the source of your quotation in the body of the text?

3. Have you placed all direct quotations in inverted commas?

4. Have you listed and correctly cited all your sources in your bibliography?

Declaration by the candidate named above

1. I confirm that this is my own work (or, in the case of a group assignment, the work of my group) and that, although I may have consulted others in the course of assembling material for the work, the finished article has been completed without help or participation of any other person (other than, in group assignments, other members of the same group).

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