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Action and Romantic Movies Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Do action movies and Romantic movies have anything on common? Or are they quite dissimilar? We can have two approaches to the matter: Technical and Creative. First I will briefly cover the technical aspects. A typical action movie consists of action sequences, explosions, car chases, fight scenes, stunts and stunts coordinator, etc. All mean that an action flick needs a bigger budget, much bigger than what a typical romantic film would need.

On the creative side of the issue an action flick highly relies on suspense and thrill whereas a romantic film seeks attraction in provoking feelings and sentiments in its audience. It usually is said that actio

n movies are stupid. Although this statement is correct in many cases it cannot be generalized as an

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eminent fact. If cinema’s history has taught us one thing, it is the fact you can make an excellent film in any genres. Just take a look Bourne trilogy as an example; based on Robert Ludlom’s books, they are among the most (not to say the most) pivotal action films of our time.

They simply influenced other directors/producers on how to shoot and edit a car chase scene, how to make a brutal fight scene. It is commonly believed that making an action is an easier task to do than making anything else, namely a romantic one. This is not entirely true. Both need a certain set of equipments, certain sets of skills in makers. What makes them dissimilar or similar is vision, the way the writer sees the world that he/she creates. A film can be hardcore action and at the same time has a romantic arc in it and vice versa. So we can say they are off springs of the same family and just like any siblings have their characteristics, differences and similarities and it is pretty much wrong to compare them as two individual animals.

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