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I. Objective:

Distinguish the Active Voice and Passive Voice.

II. Subject Matter:

Active and Passive Voice

A. Reference: English for All Times 6 pg. 164-170

B. Materials: Powerpoint Presentation

III. Motivation:

Show a picture of children flying kites.

IV. Procedure:

A. Presentation

Make the student construct sentence about the picture.

Make them explore what is on the sentence.

B. Comprehension

What would be the particular voice presented on the sentence?

Make them notice the differences of the two sentences.

Let them compare the voices.

V. Evaluation

Identify the verb. If the sentence is in active voice, make it passive and vice versa.

1. Rona makes hand towels.

2. The egg was laid by the bird.

3. Mark is eating an apple.

4. The Valentine card was made by Pred.

5. The big cake was baked by Sam.

VI. Application

Underline the verb. Write A if it is in the active voice and P if it is in the passive voice.

1. Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat or Sultan Kudarat rude the Muslim sultanate in Mindanao.

2. Sultan Kudarat’s leadership was recognized by the Muslis in Mindanao.

3. His friendship was sought by neighboring countries.

4. He was considered by the Spaniards as the biggest obstacle in their efforts to Christianize Mindanao.

5. His Charismatic leadership was enhanced by his reputation as a learned man.

VII. Assignment

1. The picture was painted by Bob.

2. The boy picked up the coin.

3. The football was kicked by Luke.

4. James hit the tree with his stick.

5. James climbed the ladder.

VIII. Generalization

Let your students identify what’s the difference between the active and the passive voice.

Let them identify the differences of it’s verb, and it’s subject or the doer of the action.

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