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Activities at the Marriott Hotel Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The Marriott do many things to insure that they achieve their aims and objectives. By doing this it will insure that the Marriott make profit along the way.

The way in which the Marriott ensures that they achieve guest satisfaction is by firstly having many rooms and different types of rooms. This ensures that when the customers come to the hotel they are guaranteed a room because there are so many and it also ensures that they get the room that they want (rooms that may be more expensive which come with things such as plasma TV’s) The Marriott currently have 391 rooms, this is a increase from the year 2007, this shows us that the Marriott is improving their services in order to improve guest satisfaction at the hotel. The Marriott hotel also have different types of rooms, for example they will have the deluxe room for people that are not willing to pay a lot of money, the Marriott then have an executive room, this room is equipped with things such as wireless internet; it will be perfect for business customers. The last type of room that the Marriott has is called the presidential suite, this comes with all the luxuries that a customer will want and will be a lot pricier. By doing this it gives the customers a wide variety of things to choose from to suit the personal needs of each customer.

Another way in which they can ensure that the customers are satisfied is by proving a lot of services such as rooms, restaurants and leisure facilities. This will make the Marriott look good because they provide a lot of other services to make the customers stay at the Marriott enjoyable other than just having rooms. Also by having different room prices it means that the customers can take a room which is in their budget, this is good because if the Marriott just had expensive rooms then it would be bad because the customers that will be paying less will be turned away, meaning that the Marriott will be making less profits.

If the Marriott do these things successfully it will mean that the customers will be satisfied, helping them achieve their objective of keeping 86% of their customers satisfied. This will also help them achieve their other objective of making a sales turnover of 20 million pounds because the customers will have more things that they can pay for. The way in which the Marriott can insure that they are achieving the 86% customer satisfaction is by referring back to the GSS survey, this will give them a clear idea of how they are doing, they can then assess how they are doing to their aims and come up with ways of improving their activities that will help them easily achieve their aim.

The Marriott have many activities that they can do to achieve profitability and owner return of investment. The first thing that the Marriott can do to make profit and to ensure that the shareholders receive a bigger dividend is to make sure that they have a range of restaurants, lounges and other facilities such as leisure clubs. By having a lot of these it ensures that the customers will be spending more money at the hotel, this would mean that they will be making more profit. Currently at the Marriot

t hotel there are many restaurants, these include: Allie’s American Grille, Atrium Lounge, Bar

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Hemia, Costa Coffee, In-Room Dining, and Tuscany Ristorante. As you can see the Marriott hotel have many restaurants the people can buy from, not only does this make sure that they are making profit but it contributes to making the customers satisfied as they can enjoy a relaxing time without having to leave the hotel to get dinner etc.

Also to make sure that the Marriott hotel make a lot more profit the Marriott will want to insure that they have as many possible services as this will mean that the customers will be spending more at the Marriott hotel.

The Marriott can also hold major events such as weddings at the hotel, weddings will bring a lot of money to the Marriott hotel because of all the things that they will have to provide the people coming to the event. Another example of an event that the Marriott may hold at their hotel may be business parties. This will help them achieve associate satisfaction as the employees will be happy because they will feel as if the Marriott is treating them with respect. If the associates are happy at the Marriott it will also lead to customer satisfaction because they will feel happy at the hotel and this will lead to the Marriott making more profit because the customers will come back and recommend the hotel to others.

If the Marriott hotel do this well they can successfully they can easily make a lot of profit helping them achieve their objectives of making 20 pounds, it will also mean that they will keep the shareholders happy because they will be receiving bigger dividends meaning that they may put some more money into the business helping them improve their services in the future.

The Marriott can also do many things to dnsure that they achieve associate satisfaction. The first activity that they can undertake is plan meetings and events, this will keep the associates satisfied as they have time to express their feelings about the hotel and they also will receive more information that will make their job at the Marriott hotel a lot easier then it is. This can also improve the working environment at the Marriott hotel because it will ensure that all the employees understand clearly what they are doing.

If the employees are trained then it will mean that they will be satisfied, the reason why they will be satisfied is because they will think that the Marriott care because they are doing everything they can to make their job a lot easier also it encourages career development as they are getting trained. The Marriott currently provide on the job and off the job training to all their employees so that they are fully trained. Also by training the employees at the Marriott it also benefits them because it will mean that the hotel will be providing better customer service helping them achieve their aims and objectives a lot quicker.

The Marriott can also keep the employees at the Marriott happy by holding a party at the hotel, for example a Christmas party for all the employees. By the Marriott doing this it will make them feel wanted and will make them feel as if the Marriott appreciate the work that they are doing, this will motivate them to do more work in the future.

If the Marriott give the opportunity of the employees to be promoted it will mean that they will be more motivated and will do their work to the best of their ability, this will help the Marriott because it will mean that they will make more profits because of the good customer satisfaction. It will also help the Marriott achieve customer satisfaction because the employees will be giving the customers the best possible service.

Employees can be given discounts; this will again lead to associate satisfaction as they will feel wanted by the business. They can also be given free use to the Marriott’s facilities such as free use of the gym.

If the Marriott keep their associates happy it will help them achieve a lot of their aims and objective. For example if the Marriott’s employees are being treated well it will not only lead to associate satisfaction it will also result in the customers being happy because the employees will be providing them with a good quality service.

If the Marriott do all of this it will lead to them increasing profits and will help them achieve their aims and objectives a lot quicker because the employees will be doing their work to the best of their ability.

As you can see the Marriott have many activities that they can take in order for them to achieve their aims and objectives a lot quicker. If the Marriott do not do these that well then they will find it hard to meet their aims and objectives because they are not taking out the necessary actions that will help them achieve them. It is important for the Marriott to come out with as many activities as possible because it will help them achieve their aims and objectives a lot quicker.

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